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Karn returns domestic injured after donating his kavach/armor and kundals/earrings. Radha crying sees him. He asks if she will be able to not talk about something. Radha asks how ought to he donate his Kach kundals to Indra Dev even after knowing who was he. Karn says she has to be glad that Indra Dev himself got here to beg from him; if he had fought with kavach kundals, global could have badmouthed that Karn received conflict with kavach kundals. Radha says he will now not attend war and it’s miles her order. He says global will name him a coward. Radha cries international gave him nothing till now and he ought to trouble about what humans will say.

In Hastinapur, Indra dev indicates Karn’s kavach kundals to Krishna and says he took it from Karn. Krishna says he fulfilled his duty as a father. Indra says now no one can harm his son and his son will win for certain. Arjun hears that and says Indra dev ruined his son’s self-respect with the aid of doing this heinous act. Indra says he’s just defensive his son. Arjun says he made him feel so low in front of Karn now with this heinous act and angrily leaves. Kunti also hears her communique.

Radha guards Karn holding sword even as Karn is asleep. Karn wakes up and asks why she is troubling herself. Radha says mom can be in pain whilst her son is in pain, she cannot permit any threat close to her son and orders him once more he will not attend conflict. On the alternative facet, Arjun stands angrily seeing his father’s low act. Kunti enters and asks if he is in predicament and filling water glass and emptying it once more asks to drain his thoughts like this, go and meet Karn and assure him that they may be same now and he’ll fight with an exquisite warrior. Karn concurs and walks away.

Uruvi serves Karn. Karn says she seems happy that mom ordered him not to wait for struggle. She says she isn’t glad. Karn says a warrior pride is in facing his enemy and demise in a battlefield and not staying like a coward at home. Uruvi hears sound outdoor and walks out, sees squaddies surrounding someone and asks what his occurring. infantrymen circulate apart, and Uruvi is amused to look Arjun. soldiers say prince Arjun has come to attack our king knowing that our king donated his kavach kundals. Arjun says their queen will determine why he got here. Uruvi asks Arjun why did he come right here. Arjun says his mom despatched him right here to meet Karn and assure him that he will locate the same warrior in the battlefield. Kunti on the other aspect stands tensed. Krishna asks why she seems tense. Kunti says she despatched Arjun to satisfy Karn, her both sons will meet each other as brothers and now not as enemies for the first time. Radha sees Arjun and preventing him asks if he got here right here after sending his father to take Karn’s kavach kundals by means of a trick, she can not allow him to pass close to her son. Uruvi says Kunti maa has sent Karn. Radha stops listening to that.

Precap:- Karn gets geared up for the struggle. Uruvi says nowadays whole global will see his bravery in the battlefield. Kunti enters there.

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