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Kasturi continues her drama and tells Tilak Raj allow us to move from right here. Radha stops her and says till Karn go backshe will be able to stay right here. Kasturi smirks at Uruvi. Radha takes Uruvi apart and tells she can understand her anxiousnessbut she must no longer have forcedKasturi to put in writing down her crime. Uruvi says she did no longer pressure her and Radha have to at least trust her. Radha says she is trusting her til now, however something she is seeing is making her reconsider.

Kasturi walks in subsequent and scoffs Uruvi that she determined out all her secret and made her write all her crime, however she couldn’t do anything, now Radha additionally does not agree with her. Uruvi says soon her lies might be exposed and every body will understand that she againin Karn’s existence for his wealth, all and sundry will know approximately her greed. Kasturi is of the same opinion she

is graspinghowever nobody will recognize about it and soon Uruvi may be kicked out of Karn’s existence. Maid enters and informs that King Karn is returning after victory, so Radha is callingthem to mild victory lamp. Uruvi walks to victory lamp and is ready to mild it while Kasturi blows it off and says she is Karn’s first wife and handiest she has proper to light victory lamp. Urvi says when she by no means respected Karn’s bravery and even broke his bow in early life, how can she declare her proper on his victory. Karn’s puppet aunt says Kasturi additionally need to get proper. Ministers say Uruvi changed into with Karn on crown and she or he being a princess knows all regulations. Radha stops and says Uruvi will not mild victory lamp, neither Kasturi will, Karn will come and decide who can be his patrani and mild victory lamp. She orders Uruvi and Kasturi no longer to get out of their room till she meets Karn first. They both agree.
Kasturi fumes that she couldn’t get Radha on her facet, she has to do something. She walks into Uruvi’s room disguised as maid and coughs. Uruvi gives her water. She opens black magical container and hypnotizes Uruvi. Tantrik emerges and asks what he has to do now. She asks him to order Uruvi to visit Karn and lure him, however now not get intimate with him. Tantrik orders equal. Karn enters palace and seeing victory lamp off thinks what need to have happened. Maid informs him that rajmata Radha has referred to as him. He walks closer to Radha’s room whileUruvi takes him to her room and lures him along with her sensual dance. Aunt informs Radha that Karn changed into coming closer to her, but Uruvi took him to her room and is luring him. Radha gets angry. Karn thinks why Uruvi is behaving weird and attempts to leavebut Uruvi maintainssensually dancing around him.

Karn Sangini 1st February 2019 Written Update Precap:

Radha tells Karn that victory lamp must be lit by way of his spouse and he has to determine who could be patrani/top queen, he must no longer overlook that Kasturi is his first wife.

Karn Sangini 1st February 2019 Written Episode Update
Karn Sangini 1st February 2019 Written Episode Update

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