Karn Sangini 20th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me 

Kunti. She bestows her gratitude to Radha for fostering Karn so beautifully.

The narrator tells the story of Abhimanyu, and additionally that Karn becomes miffed via the equal. Karn and Duryodhana get into an argument. Karn warns Duryodhana in no way to repeat the equal.

Urvi tells Radha that she is pregnant. Radha jumps in happiness. She wants to tell Karn approximately the equal, however, Urvi stops her. She couldn’t take Abhimanyu’s death effortlessly and for this reason, decides to preserve it to herself.

Karn returns home. He tells Urvi that Abhimanyu’s loss of life deeply hurts him.

Arjun wants to face Arjun, however, Kunti and Krishna stop him. Arjun couldn’t understand. Duryodhana visits Karn for planning. Karn tells him approximately his secret weapon.

Bheem’s son Gatotkach creates chaos in the battlefield. Karn has to use his mystery weapon on him.

Kunti learns about Urvi’s being pregnant. She asks Radha approximately Karn’s reaction. Radha tells Kunti that Urvi hasn’t knowledgeable Karn. Kunti desires Urvi to tell Karn approximately the equal. Radha and Kunti study Guru Drona’s demise.

Urvi prepares for the Morning Prayer. Karn walks in and informs Urvi that he will face her great buddy, Arjun. Urvi tells Karn that he will soon become the daddy. Karn hugs Urvi. They each plan for their kid.

The written update of 20 February 2019 KarnSangini episode story ends.

Precap:- Karn and Arjun stand against every other at the battlefield. Radha and Urvi pray for Karn.

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