Karn Sangini 21st February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me

Krishna. he takes Arjun far from the war ground. Arjun questions Krishna approximately his motion. Krishna tells Arjun that a historic event goes to take area right here.

Duryodhana informs Karn that Krishna has taken Arjun faraway from the warfare field. Karn is aware of Krishna’s play. He announces to follow him.

Radha is distressed. She couldn’t calm herself.

Karn reaches the battlefield. Arjun and Karn start combating fiercely. Krishna makes Arjin realize that Karn’s arrows are so effective that the chariot is stumbling.

Karn is about to take out his Brahma Astra but couldn’t. Krishna reminds Karn about Purushottam’s curse.

Karn’s chariot gets stuck in the soil. He tries to tug it out, however couldn’t. Krishna reminds him of the curse which Bhumata lays on him.

The written update of 21 February 2019 KarnSangini episode story ends.

Precap:- Arjun shots Karn whilst he isn’t always with any arms. The Diya blows off which Urvi and Radha lit for Karn


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