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Krishna drives Arjun’s chariot away from battlefield. Arjun asks why did he bring him here away from his brothers. On the other side, Arjun meets Duryodhan and asks why did he call him. Duryodhan says Krishna has taken Arjun somewhere and made Arjun also a fugitive like him. Karn says Krishna will not do anything without a reason. Another friend enters and says Krishna took Arjun towards mountain into jungle.

Karn thinks Krishna has called him there then and tells Duryodhan that he needs to go and today only 1 warrior will return alive. Duryodhan says Karn’s life is very precious to him. Karn says if he wants to suppress a warrior’s pride. Duryodhan permits him and says return victorious with a smiling face. In jungle, Arjun continues questioning Krishna. Krishna says just watch how Karn is coming like a roaring lion.

Uruvi feels worried for Karn and tells Radha that she feels something wrong will happen today. Radha assures her nothing wrong will happen. Arjun and Karn’s dialects start and they shower arrows on each other. Arjun’s arrows push Karn’s chariot 5 feet behind and Karn’s arrows push Arjun’s chariot 3 feet behind. Arjun asks reason. Krishna says he and Hanumanji are on Arjun’s chariot and it should not move a bit, but Karn’s powerful arrows pushing such a powerful and heavy chariot behind.

Karn and Arjun’s fight continues. Karn’s charioteer suggests him to take chariot somewhere else as Arjun is failing all his attacks and Arjun is using best of his arrows. Karn says Arjun has motivating charioteer like Krishna and he has a demotivating charioteer like him, even then he will never back off. Charioteer asks to use powerful arrows then. Karn gets Brahmastra. Arjun asks Krishna even if he should get brahmastra. Krishna stops Karn and says even Arjun has brahmastra and if both brahmastras collide, they will destroy whole universe. Karn says he is following his duty. Karn’s brahmastra disappears.

Krishna reminds Karn about his guru’s curse that his weapons will not work when his most competent enemy will be in front of him. Krishna backs off chariot. Karn tries to follow him, but his chariot wheel gets stuck. Karn gets down to pull wheel out. Krishna returns and says it is waste as mother earth will not leave his wheel and reminds him earlier incident where a girl drops oil on ground by mistake and Karn helps her get it back. Mother earth emerges and says earth’s nature is to not return what she gets, but he went against nature and troubled her, even she will trouble when is in most trouble.

Precap: Karn Sangini 22 February 2019 Written Update Arjun shoots an arrow on Karn and it hits him. Radha and Uruvi get worried seeing lamp blowing off.


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