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Karn’s aunt thinks Kasturi will prepare maha prasad and could win. Kasturi smirks questioning no one likes Uruvi, she will lose. Karn’s aunts deliver dry fruits and ghee, Radha gives sugar, and Karn gives gram flour to Kasturi. Kasturi thinks she were given all components of maha prasad, Uruvi gets nothing. Uruvi walks subsequent, and aunts show empty thali. Kasturi thinks why don’t Uruvi be given defeat. Radha offers sugar and Karn offers simplest water. Aunt laughs that Uruvi can not make anythign with just sugar and water. Uruvi confronts Karn once more that he did partiality. He says he’s wrongly alleging her. She says he gave gram flour to Kasturi and most effective water to her, it certainly suggests that he does now not need her to win, however she will fail his plan. Karn walks away angrily and seeing Radha asks

What is she doing right here. She asks she will be able to see his changed conduct closer to Uruvi, why is he doing this whilst he loves Uruvi. Maid informs Pandit is looking for pooja.

Uruvi and Kasturi brinng their prepared prasad. Aunts assume Uruvi need to have added empty bowl. Uruvi shows batasha/sugar candies whilst Kasturi indicates besan laddoos. Radha says Uruvi could be very talented and prepared mahaprasad with just sugar and water. Courtier praises Uruvi. kasturi drops her earrings and in lieu of selecting it silently continues lamp close to Uruvi’s bowl. Aunt says who will eat batashe in place of dry fruit laddoo. Radha says faith is checked and not meals. Karn asks Pandit to tell which prasad is advanced. Pandit says both prasads are superipor and can be served. Uruvi alternatives her bowl and drops it feeling it hot. Karn asks Kasturi to serve prasad. Uruvi stops Kasturi and alleges that she kept lamp close to prasad to warmness the bowl, so she cannot serve prasad. Karn yells to now not to expose her jealousy and allege Kasturi wrongly. Kasturi acts that she does no longer want any patrani designation or wealth, she simply wishes her husband. Karn pronounces that Kasturi received first opposition, and next competition could be held day after today.

Kasturi and her father rejoice their victory. Uruvi sits crying in her room holding her burnt hand. Karn enters and applies natural paste on her hand. She emotionally asks why did he come. He says he does no longer want her to provide excuse day after today because of her hand burn and he or she has to take part tomorrow. Uruvi stands shattered hearing that.

Uruvi then serves Radha and feeds her food. Radha asks if she isn’t sad after losing, how can she be so patient. Uruvi says just like her, she hated her before, but now loves her. Radha smiles and beverages soup. Their bonding continues..

Karn Sangini 6th February 2019 Written Update Precap: Uruvi sees a suspicious man or woman spoiling painting and is bowled over to see Karn. Karn says when she has stuck him pink-passed, he desires to clear that he wishes Kasturi to win and end up patrani/chief queen.

Karn Sangini 6th February 2019 Written Episode Update

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