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Kasturi. She asks Urvi to provide her verdict on the matter. Urvi selections Karn’s side.

All praise Urvi and bash Kasturi.

The old guy enters the courtroom. He demands kids from Karn. Urvi stands by Karn in his doing.

The vintage man magically becomes Lord Krishna. He tells Urvi that Karn came to him at some point of his go to to Hastinapur.

Urvi asks Karn about his aim behind assisting Kasturi.

Karn famous that he wanted to Urvi a lesson about lifestyles and also to Kasturi.

subsequent morning, whilst Karn is praying, Urvi comes in front of him.

He demands Karn’s time.
Karn understands that the lady is none other than Urvi. He plays alongside and irks her.

just then, the messenger informs about Duryodhan.

Duryodhana tells Karn approximately the struggle he is ready to open against Pandav. Urvi overhears.

She comes to a decision to speak it out with Duryodhana.

Urvi and Duryodhana get into an issue. Duryodhana blames Urvi to be in Arjun’s side.

The written replace of eight February 2019 KarnSangini episode tale ends.

Karn Sangini 8th February 2019 Written Update Precap:

Karn Sangini 8th February 2019 Written Episode Update

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