Kartik Aaryan Deleted His Video With Sister When Sona Mohapatra And People Trolled Him

Bollywood actor Karthik Aryan is having a lot of fun these days with his sister Kritika Tiwari and sharing the funniest videos of both on Instagram. These videos of Karthik, where some people seem to be hooked, on the other hand some people have raised questions on it.

In fact, recently, Karthik shared a video on his Instagram in which he was seen running and holding Kritika’s braid due to making bad roti. This video went viral on social media. People had called it funny, but now questions are being raised on this funny video. After which Karthik deleted this video from his Instagram.

Along with the users, Bollywood singer Sona Mohapatra has also raised questions on Karthik’s video. They have also told them fiercely. Although Sona has not written her name directly in her tweets, she has retweeted the tweets in which Karthik’s video was objected.

In her tweet, Sona wrote, ‘Now I have started to believe that this has become a new PR strategy for many people. Either put content against women, or hire people who have been accused of Meitu and wait for the Feminists to speak up and oppose them. Publicity of free, first Kabir Singh, then Indian Idol and now this too?

Apart from Sona, many common people have raised objections to Karthik’s video. Karthik has deleted his video after seeing a rising trend. However, people are describing the video of Karthik as siblings and trolling the opposite gold.


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