Kartik Aaryan On Marriage: 'Right time for marriage, expenses will be less ... child will also be in lockdown'

Bollywood actor Karthik Aryan has become quite active on social media in lockdown time. Apart from sharing pictures and videos of his personal life on Instagram, he is also sharing many funny videos. Recently, the actor spoke to his fans with #AskKartik and answered his questions. During this, thousands of fans asked questions to Karthik Aryan and Karthik also answered many questions. During this, the fans also asked many questions about their marriage, to which Karthik Aryan gave a funny answer.

Asking questions with #AskKartik, a fan asked- When to get married? So in response to this, Karthik Aryan wrote – ‘Now is the right time to get married and there will not be any expense.’ People’s reaction is also coming to this answer of Karthik. Users are liking this answer of Karthik. At the same time, he also answered another question related to marriage and also connected it to lockdown. Karthik Aryan was asked by another fan if he got married, then the actor gave a befitting reply.

Fan asked- ‘Sir it is rumored that you also got married in lockdown … is that right?’ So while answering this question of the fan, Karthik Aryan wrote, ‘According to which the child is going on it seems that the child will also be in lockdown.’ After this, Karthik Aryan is being discussed and his hashtag was also trending. He responded to many people asking questions through this hashtag. When a person asked how long you have to wait for your new film, the actor wrote – I will bring it to the film, you guys pray for the vaccine.

When Karthik’s hashtag started trending, a fan asked that you are tending, in such a situation what will be the reaction of your mother, then the actor wrote – Now a week will eat in the middle of the relative. Also, someone asked what you are doing at the moment, the actor said that he is trending right now. During this, the actor praised Amitabh Bachchan in a tweet and called him his favorite star.


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