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KZK2 15 Mar episode Komolika and Anurag have left for the honeymoon. On the way their car gets spoiled. Komolika pushes the car with Anurag, whose video shows driver inspiration.

On the other hand, Anurag’s mother plans to go to Honeymoon (Anurag-Komolika) together with Komolika, but she is surprised to know that Anurag himself tells the story of being prepared to go ahead with a honeymoon. Komolika does not believe that Anurag can be prepared so easily.

On the other hand, the Komolika tells inspiration that he is going on the honeymoon with Anurag. Motivation challenges the Komolika that she will not let her go on the honeymoon. While Komolika’s inspiration promises that if he succeeds, he will do his slavery throughout his life. Anurag thinks that he will be able to teach Komolika a lesson on the pretext of this honeymoon. Those people leave for the honeymoon.

On the way the car gets spoiled. The driver says that there has been some problem in the car and now it will be able to run only after pushing. The driver tells that he is hurt in his hand, so he will not be able to push. He says that Anurag cannot push the car alone, Komolika will also have to push with him. Komolika starts thinking not this plan to stop the honeymoon from reaching the destination? From this fear, he starts pushing the car.

As soon as Anurag and Inspiration start pushing the car, drivers online show their inspiration. However, in the end, Komolika is understood to have the motivation behind it. Anurag, standing with the Komolika, talks with inspiration online and tells him that both of them (Anurag-Komolika) are together now, he (Motivation) can not spoil anything of them now.

Will his purpose of getting on honeymoon be fulfilled? Or will the inspiration overcome them here? Stay connected to know with NBT.

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