Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 20th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me 

Anurag. He tells Veena that the house is of their name and nobody can take it. Veena bestows her gratitude. Anurag promises that he makes certain they don’t face any hassle and leaves.

Prerna learns Anurag has arrived. She rushes to fulfil him, however, he leaves.

Kamolika is waiting for Anurag. Nevidita and Mohini are geared up for the Adaan Pradaan Vidhi. Anurag walks in with a stupid face. Anupam is confused.

Anurag and Kamolika’s complete the ceremony. Anurag’s family offers Kamolika their treasured necklace. Pandit ji tells Anurag to invite something from Kamolika.

Anurag takes Kamolika in a corner and asks for Prerna’s house papers. Kamolika lays a situation of engagement on him.

Anurag publicizes the engagement. Mohini receives confused and asks Anurag to assume once more.

Kamolika tells Mohini that their early marriage may want to bring about a better way and Molly could come returned from the coma.

Mohini is of the same opinion.

right here, Prerna is, time and again, calling Anurag, but he isn’t answering.

Anurag calls returned. Prerna complains Anurag approximately his lack of knowledge. Prerna realizes Anurag’s tension. She apologizes and tells that she trusts on him.

Anurag breaks down. He couldn’t keep his promise with Prerna. He weeps with Prerna’s image.

Anupam wishes to talk to Anurag, but Kamolika comes on his way. Mohini asks Anurag to carry out a dance with Kamolika.

Anurag dances with Kamolika assuming her to be Prerna. whilst dancing with Kamolika, Anurag takes Prerna’s call which miffs Kamolika.

The written replace of 20th February 2019 Kasuti Zindagi Ki 2 episode story ends.

Precap:- Kamolika drops sindoor. Mishka calls it a bad omen. Nevidita invitations Prerna and own family for Kamolika and Anurag’s wedding

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