Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 24th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

KZK2 24 Apr episode begins with Veena imparting her agony to Shivani. Shivani comforts her by saying that she is Prerna’s quality.

Prerna calls Veena and gets some information about her whereabouts. Prerna inquires as to whether she is content with the kid who came to meet her.

Anurag comes to meet Prerna and endeavors to persuade her not to help Vikrant. Prerna insults him by saying that he sold off her adoration to build up Basu domain.

Anurag orders to concur with Prerna’s allegations purposely in light of the fact that he needs to constrain Prerna to abandon him.

Prerna gets a sprain in her leg. Anurag conveys Prerna in his arms and takes her to her room.

Veena comes to meet Aryan’s folks. She demands them to consider the relationship once again.

Aryan says he will meet Shivani.

Anurag places balm in Prerna’s leg. The two offer an enthusiastic discussion. Prerna misconstrues Anurag’s worry to be his new strategy to trick her.

Prerna and Anurag approach one another while Prerna attempts to haul out her mangalsutra from Anurag’s shirt.

Komolika goes to the room at the exact instant and sees them together. She questions Prerna. Prerna requests that her ask from Anurag.

Komolika questions Anurag. Anurag reverse discharges Komolika by blaming her for ruining his arrangement.

Precap Upcoming season 2 Kasauti Zindagii Ki (KZK 2) episode update: Prerna compromises Anurag


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