Kasauti Zindagi Ki 26th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Suman saying Komolika has come to satisfy Prerna. Komolika remembers Anurag hugging her and asking her to present residence papers to Prerna. He says we are able to marry while papers reach Prerna. She consents. fb ends. Prerna asks did you come back to ask for the wedding. Komolika says I m no longer so appropriate to invite you for marriage, i have an amazing news for you, this house’s original papers, I wish Shivani withdraws the case and frees my brother from the prison, in order that he attends my marriage. Anurag sits for his haldi. everybody smiles. Anurag thinks of Prerna. Mohini asks shall I apply haldi. Anurag nods. He thinks i have damaged Prerna’s wish, dreams and everything, I wish her hatred for me in no way ends. Mishka applies haldi to Anurag. She says why doesn’t future listen to our heart, I wanted this haldi to be of my name and… He says I wanted it to be of someone else, but destiny doesn’t guide us. He imagines Prerna.

Tujhko mai rakhlun wahan…..performs…. Prerna applies haldi to him and gets the haldi on her cheek via getting near him. He opens eyes and sees Mishka. Komolika’s aunt applies haldi to him and asks Mishka to stand up. Mishka gets away. Prerna and Veena ask Komolika to go away. Komolika gets insulting them. She asks them to leave from her residence right away. She says Navin had mortgaged this residence, while police become after him, he had given me the papers. Shivani says I m ready to take the grievance returned. Prerna asks do you’ve got self-worth. Shivani says don’t prevent me, I m doing proper. Komolika says Prerna, she is more sensible than you, she is very wise. She goes. Shivani says you had put your lifestyles on stake for this residence, you will do the identical, did I do something wrong. Prerna hugs her. They cry. Komolika comes for her haldi. She meets anyone. Her aunt compliments her. Mishka seems on. Nivedita says if Komolika applies haldi to Anurag, he will look brighter. Komolika goes to use haldi to Anurag and says I m just retaining the rasam. She says i’ve given the papers to Prerna and Veena. He asks what did they are saying. She says they stored the papers, they have been amazed, they have been being satisfactory to me, believe me, they didn’t inquire from me how did i get the ones papers, and why I m returning it, they were given extremely joyful, they’re so grasping. He says that residence is treasured for them, they feel safe and at ease over there. She says its not a small house, its really worth lots. He says you recognize Prerna turned into marrying Navin for the sake of this residence. Mohini says pandit is looking you. Komolika says I carried out him haldi, if he additionally applies haldi to me… Mohini says of path. Anurag applies haldi to Komolika.

Anupam comes domestic to meet Prerna. He says Shivani, Prerna has to prevent Anurag and Komolika’s marriage. Shivani says I recognize Anurag has insulted Prerna lots, why are you doing this, what do you want. He says its very imp to speak to her. She says leave her alone, she is suffering seeing that days, don’t push her in that world once more, she is heartbroken, Anurag and we each are also accountable for this. He says Anurag and Komolika is marrying nowadays, i have to speak to Prerna. He sees Prerna. Chobey says you’re burdened by means of marriage arrangements. Mohini says Anurag wanted his marriage to manifest in this house, I m now not pressured, I want to do the whole lot for my son. Ronit comes. Mishka hugs him. Chobey asks Mishka to go to Komolika. He introduces Ronit to them. Prerna runs to her room. Anupam asks her to pay attention once, its very imp. He opens the door. Prerna asks has Anurag sent you to peer my kingdom. He says i have come to prevent Anurag and Komolika’s marriage.

Precap: Prerna cries and says I depended on you. Anurag gets ready as the groom. Komolika says Anurag’s global will start and quit on me.


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