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The Episode begins with Veena and Mohini seeing the updates on the burglary at the shopping center. They stress for their youngsters. Veena asks Mahesh to take her to shopping center. Mohini rushes to Nivedita and Anupam and tells about the theft. They surge. The goon says somebody released this video from here, we as a whole will get captured. He asks who has done this. The goons alarm everybody. Prerna yells I did this. The goon shoots at her. She gets stunned. The man gets shot. Shivani embraces Prerna in dread. The goon says we will execute her now, she is gone at this point. Anurag stresses. Police comes to there. Mohini, Anupam and Nivedita come and request Anurag and Komolika. Assessor says I can’t enable you to go in, simply get back, if it’s not too much trouble They argue to overseer.

Veena, Suman and Mahesh come there to request Prerna and Shivani. Investigator says be tolerant and have confidence in us. Mohini says Anurag is stuck there as a result of Prerna. Veena says there is no compelling reason to fault Prerna for everything. Mohini says she is extremely unfortunate. Veena, Mohini and Nivedita contend. Suman safeguards Veena and Prerna. Veena says Prerna has her mom with her, you should be prepared to catch wind of your kid on the off chance that you educate anything regarding Prerna. Mohini cautions her. The goon tallies down. Prerna cries. Shivani stresses. Anurag sees Prerna at gunpoint. Prerna says Anurag… . Anurag tosses something at the goon and blacks out him. He beats the goon. The goon shoots at him. Anurag gets down. He gets spared. He tosses things at the goons. Prerna says they are many, somebody beat the goons, spare Anurag.

The men likewise battle. Anurag reprimands the goons for contacting Prerna. Prerna sees him. He beats the goon. Komolika yells Anurag. He doesn’t tune in to anybody. Police comes there. Komolika supposes he is playing a diversion with me, he claims to detest Prerna and after that he adores her. Anurag thinks Komolika will currently feel that I cherish Prerna. Everybody turns out. Mohini embraces Anurag. Veena races to embrace her little girls. Mohini asks Komolika are you alright. Anurag and Prerna see one another. Komolika gets furious and says I need to return home. Shivani says Anurag spared your life once more, we don’t have the foggiest idea about his circumstance, why he wedded Komolika, despite everything he adores you, I saw his agony when the goons got you, at that point we have seen him beating the goons, you have to acknowledge it, regardless he cherishes you. Prerna cries. Mishka asks what occurred, are you harmed. Komolika asks what would you like to know, I m profoundly hurt in my heart. Mishka says Anurag, where is he, did he not accompany you.

Komolika says I have come alone, he is duping me, despite everything he cherishes Prerna, I continued letting him know not to spare her, for what reason did he spare her life, this isn’t worthy. Anurag says I did what I needed to, however why, I needed Prerna to realize that I adore Komolika, yet it happened the inverse, yet Prerna and Komolika will believe that I cherish Prerna, you recognize what, I believe I ought to have spared another person, Komolika, I had sent her out of the shopping center, for what reason did she come there. Anupam inquires as to for what reason didn’t you leave. Anurag says Prerna and Shivani were stuck there, give me some counsel. Anupam says you need to manage this wreckage. Anurag says I need to persuade Prerna that I don’t love her and I need to persuade Komolika that I cherish her. Anupam asks did you make any arrangements. Anurag says truly, I realize how to spare myself from these two ladies. He pursues Komolika. Prerna looks on. He asks Komolika to listen to him.

Komolika says Prerna is here, you were biting the dust to spare her, don’t lie, I have seen everything. He says you didn’t perceive what I would do, I needed to spare your wedding band, I endeavored to discover the ring and didn’t get it, I m saying reality, I know its devil for you. Prerna supposes he was so worried for her ring. She cries. Anurag says I attempted to get the ring, extremely heartbroken. Komolika says I realize you did it for Prerna. Prerna supposes he did this to make Komolika upbeat, I m such a trick, I thought he cherishes me, I need to make Komolika’s uncertainty more grounded, this will be my weapon. Somebody sees Shivani and calls Ronit. He says Shivani’s partnership is getting fixed, Savitri got the coalition. Ronit says Shivani will wed just me. He closes the call. He says I can’t let Shivani wed any other individual, in the event that she picks that person, he will pass on. Prerna comes to Komolika and says I don’t need you to get conned, Anurag made the wedding band story, he disclosed to me that he will mislead persuade you, you are shrewd and gotten him, he was with me in evolving room, he deceived you, he went to other changing room by bouncing over the parcel, he said he cherishes me and is discovering right opportunity to toss you out of this house.

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Precap: Prerna says you can’t love anybody, you don’t have a clue about what’s affection, you don’t show at least a bit of kindness, only a blameless face, your marriage with Komolika was only an arrangement. Anurag gets miserable. Police comes to capture Prerna.


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