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1st Episode
The Episode starts with Mohini pronouncing this house is Moloy’s dream, if Nivedita’s strategy works, we can do it, we won’t go away from this house, have a look at me Anurag. She hugs him. They cry. Nivedita says Mr. Bajaj you’ve got instructed us about your plans, we thought to tell our plans, you have got taken Basu residence felony rights, but it’s going to take a month. He says i’ve the criminal rights, i can get this residence quickly. She says Basu residence didn’t get sold, bank will not promote this. He says I m the proprietor of this residence. She says you are 50% owner, we are also 50% proprietor, you may’t make us out, you need to decide if you want to stay right here. Mohini says we recognise the legalities about our house, we spoke to a senior lawyer.

He says you could stay, you gained’t get peace seeing me each day, i have come to live right here with my circle of relatives, you have snatched my house, i will make your own home mine in a month, till then its 50-50. Anurag seems at him. Mohini says Prerna and Anurag had been going to get married, Anurag can be harm seeing this. Mr. Bajaj says she is now Mrs. Prerna Sharma Bajaj, my spouse, no longer compelled, but through preference. Nivedita asks lets discuss imp matters, we will take the ground floor, you and your wife can live in the higher ground, have a look at, dwelling room, dining room and kitchen can be commonplace, is that clean. He says that’s satisfactory, Prerna I m going domestic to deliver Kuki, Maasi and Tanvi. He is going. He thinks Prerna will have to suffer on this, I didn’t desire to look her like this, Anurag has crossed his limits, I have to provide him a reply.

Mohini says in case you and your husband assume you may clutch our house, you are wrong. Nivedita says don’t waste time speaking to her, simply come. Mohini says I continually knew Prerna is a wrong girl, she made many errors and made me disenchanted, I notion i was incorrect, you went to Bajaj to save Anurag, I didn’t recognize which you are attracting Bajaj. Anurag looks on. Mohini says Anurag married Komolika so that your family doesn’t lose a roof, you need to grab our roof, really, you and your husband will pay for this, we will not depart you. Nivedita says include me.

Anurag throws his bag down. Prerna receives hurt. Anurag sees her and asks servant to make visitor room equipped. Suman asks Shivani to move college via bus or local train. She says you have to make costs less, what was the need to shop for new slippers, just Shekhar earns, how will we manage, I m saying the proper thing, I also have some wishes and rights on Shekhar’s profits, its enough now, we’ve got wasted money on Prerna’s marriage, I m being practical, you could’t do a job, we are able to spend much less. Shivani is going and sees Veena status out of doors. Veena asks Dadi for Vyas’ wide variety. Prerna enters the room and recollects Anurag. Dil tutta….performs…. She cries. Anurag comes and says you like this room proper, you made me out of this room earlier than also, this time you got here here with Bajaj so that me and my family leaves.

Shekhar comes domestic and asks Suman to serve food fast. Dadi says I want to talk to you, it’ll get later. Suman says communicate to him later. Veena asks Dadi not to hassle him. He asks what’s the problem. Suman says nothing. Veena says I want to do something, i have nothing to do, I m thinking to do part time task. He says no way. Suman asks what’s the problem, even i might have achieved a job. Shekhar issues. Veena says let me try this, i’m able to deal with myself. Suman says you must conform to her. Shivani seems on.

Anurag says sorry Mrs. Prerna Bajaj, we’ve got a right to smash your dreams. She says this reality will never trade. He asks what’s fact, any blind character will simply see dark and regular individual will see colours, each of them are proper, perception is distinct, I don’t think you understand me or I knew you well, now I m positive who’re you, I have no emotions now, I simply recognize i can’t see you glad, I recognize you may’t stay glad with out me, you may take over my house, but you could’t stay happy, you could simply stay satisfied with me, I promise you that. Anurag and Prerna see the shuffling. Mohini shouts. Mr. Bajaj comes with his circle of relatives. He says we are able to have some regions commonplace right here. Maasi asks will we stay with them. Mohini says for a month after which you’ll be out. Maasi asks him to stop this trouble, he has a addiction to win. Maasi says I don’t need to talk to this woman.

Mr. Bajaj says she is my Maasi and this is her daughter Tanvi. Tanvi asks where is Kuki. Anurag sees Kuki and remembers. Maasi says you have been missing mumma, appearance she is there. Kuki hugs Prerna. Anurag receives taken aback.

Second Episode:
Anurag says i used to be dreaming of my honeymoon with Prerna, I had booked the tickets as well, she broke my coronary heart and ruined my desires too. Anupam says forget about it. Anurag asks how, seeing Prerna and Bajaj together. Prerna feeds Kuki. Tanvi says you need to find Kuki, are you prepared to play. Kuki is going to hide. Prerna says perhaps she went to the room. She is going to find her and collides with Anurag. Their heads additionally strike. She asks whilst will you get out of all this and move on.

Anurag says so candy of you, I received’t pass on and received’t can help you circulate, i can drag you again, this time the beginning can be distinct. She says you continually valued time, how did you get time to waste, go to workplace, get your circle of relatives out of this. He asks how become the ultimate night time in my room along with your husband, sorry, did you enjoy. She says I loved plenty, what are you doing here, residence is split. He says that is hall, its for everybody, not unusual feel, I came to take books from observe room, I m going to room to get my wallet. She recollects Mr. Bajaj slumbering at the sofa.

Prerna says I think you didn’t sleep all night time, have been you not relaxed due to me, you’re just Kuki’s mum for me, you will fall sick in case you don’t sleep, Kuki will feel terrible, i will sleep in any other room. Prerna says no, you could sleep on this room, i can manipulate. facebook ends. Prerna thinks Anurag can visit room and understand that Mr. Bajaj and that i sleep one by one. She stops Anurag and says you can’t go in like this. He asks are you hiding some thing, what’s the hassle. She says what, its Mr. Bajaj and my room, we are newly weds, I don’t want you to look something, i’m able to get what you need. She shuts the door. She looks for his wallet. Kuki asks Tanvi where is Prerna. Tanvi says no dishonest, i can’t see your sad face, don’t tell all of us, Prerna is upstairs, you won. Kuki dances.

Prerna moves the blanket from sofa. Anurag enters the room and asks didn’t you get it. He appears for his pockets. He receives it. She stops him. She asks him to are available in Mr. Bajaj’s presence. Kuki comes and signs and symptoms to tell her. Prerna says I didn’t recognize, do it once more. Anurag says she is announcing, she desires to disguise so you locate her again. Kuki kisses him and smiles. Prerna says equipped, pass and conceal. Kuki is going. Anurag says Kuki likes you, good deal, you bought cash, name and a daughter without cost. She says don’t get her in this combat. He asks how am I tolerating what you did.

Veena thanks Vyas for hiring her for job. Vyas says I favored Rajesh and your mandap decorations, I presented you task before. She says its about time, i was too busy before and now i have time, we shall do the paintings. He says i will call you whilst there’s any marriage paintings, you can inform me about catering orders. She says exceptional, i will let you know. She thinks i’m able to proportion the burden of costs. Mohini asks servant to make coffee first. Nivedita scolds him. Maasi and Tanvi argue. Prerna seems at them. She is going to prevent them. Prerna asks servant to make the breakfast, they will pay him. She says Maasi, we will get the prepare dinner right here. Maasi says I m glad that Rishabh chose you for marriage. Tanvi feels ill. Maasi asks what came about. Maasi asks did Mohini upload something in meals. Prerna says she will’t do that.

Mohini asks Maasi no longer to position reasonably-priced allegations on her. Nivedita calls servant. Tanvi says Prerna you left Anurag and married Rishabh due to this female, i will’t address this. Prerna says no, she isn’t bad, she is annoyed, actually sorry, i’m able to visit Kuki, she turned into hiding, i will ship medicines. She calls out Kuki. Shivani calls her and says mum asked me no longer to talk to you, who will recognize those issues. Prerna asks what passed off. Shivani says we have many problems, in case you married Anurag, we would have been connected. Prerna says I m still your sister. Shivani says mum desires to work on this age, she wants to lessen the burden, I understand she become lying, communicate to mum if you may. Prerna asks how is every body at home. Shivani says excellent, mum doesn’t realize that I spoke to you, don’t tell her.

Anupam asks Anurag to come for the assembly. Anurag says cash is imp than love for her, i’m able to’t cope with this meeting. Anupam asks what’s incorrect, Prerna were given married, she won’t get lower back to you, in case you need to fight returned, then earn a lot cash that she regrets to leave you.

Precap: Mr. Bajaj asks did you spot Kuki. Prerna says we were gambling conceal and are seeking. Mohini scoffs Prerna. Mr. Bajaj says I were given you right here to attend to my daughter. Anurag asks did he scold you. Prerna says he’s my husband, do some thing on your circle of relatives. He says I m doing it, I know whom you love, you like me.


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