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Komolika saying Anurag ignored me when I met him, this never happened with me, he was seeing Prerna, as if I was invisible for him, I had to do this since I felt bad, I was jealous of Prerna, Anurag is in love with Prerna, they are in love, their love provoked me to do it, so I did it. Moloy says you think you will get our family’s love by doing this, never, I will tell everything to Mohini, you are such a cheap girl, Prerna is a nice girl. She says you are supporting Prerna, instead me. Rajesh asks her to mind her tongue. Moloy says come with mem I have to tell truth to Mohini. She says you are needing me to prove yourself, what all will you do to bring Anurag and Prerna together.

He says your dad is going to have a business deal with me, I will call him up, are you aware what will happen if I call him, I will send this clip to media. She thinks to handle it. She says fine, I m ready to come with you, I need time to change. She goes. Mishka says I had warned you, your sins pot is filled up, Lord has taught you a lesson. Moloy says I won’t let anyone hurt my family, I will tell truth to Mohini, that I want to get Anurag and Prerna married. Rajesh says everything will get fine now. Veena drags Prerna to her room and locks her. She scolds her for breaking their trust. Prerna says open the door, please.

Veena asks her to talk to Rajesh. She goes. Prerna says open the door. Komolika think what to do. Veena is upset and thinks Mohini is right, we failed to give values to our daughters. Anurag comes and apologizes. Veena asks him to go home. He sneezes and asks her to listen once. He says I m really sorry, I can’t go. She says go now right now. Shivani looks on. He says let me explain, I want to explain what’s between Prerna and me. Shivani opens the door and says Anurag has come, Veena is asking him to go. Prerna runs downstairs. Veena scolds Anurag. She scolds Shivani for opening the door and getting Prerna out. Veena says you are also like those rich guys, my daughter is wrong. Prerna says he didn’t do anything. Veena takes their class. Prerna says I love Anurag. Veena raises her hand. Anurag comes in between and gets slapped by Veena. Prerna shouts Anurag. Veena sits crying.

Veena asks them to not do anything wrong. Anurag says our love is pure, I wish I could give you some proof, I love Prerna. He holds Prerna’s hand and says I want to marry Prerna, I promise I will always keep her happy. Prerna says I m serious about him. Veena asks what about Mishka. He says I m not getting engaged to her, its our mistake that we had to tell this about you all, we wanted to discuss this first. Veena says there is much difference between our families. He says no, there is no difference, you know me, I know you, let our marriage happen then no one will point out, we love each other, that’s it, I will talk to mum today itself, I want to ask Prerna’s hand, I promise I will keep Prerna happy. Veena happily hugs them and apologizes for not understanding their love. She blesses them. Shivani hugs them. Komolika says people compel me to take wrong step. She calls her guard Sanju and asks him to listen carefully. He agrees. She says Moloy uncle, I didn’t care for my sister for Anurag, you thought I will think of you. Veena asks Anurag and Prerna to take Maa’s blessings.

Anurag teases Prerna. Veena says you won’t get close until marriage happens. Anurag says I can stay away, but Prerna’s intentions are bad. Prerna runs to beat him. Veena says you both are kids. Veena asks Prerna not to trouble her son. Anurag asks for a cup of tea. Prerna asks him to make it himself. Veena goes to make tea. Moloy says Rajesh, I m asking you for Prerna’s hand for Anurag. Rajesh agrees to him. Komolika looks on. They laugh and get happy. They hug. Komolika says I didn’t get my dress, so I can’t come along, you leave. Rajesh says come with us. She argues. Moloy says just Prerna will become my Bahu. She smiles. Moloy and Rajesh leave. She says none can harm me. They leave in the car. Sanju follows. She says you think you went by giving me bad news, coming time will bring bad news for you.

Precap: Moloy and Rajesh meet with an accident. Komolika says Anurag, wow, he will cry a lot. Mishka cries hearing her. Mohini gets shocked when Anurag tells her about Molly’s accident.

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