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The Episode starts with Nivedita deliberating Mr. Bajaj. Mohini asks what happened. Nivedita says Prerna… Mohini says no more talks about Prerna, I m bored with it, we can’t pass from here when she has come here, don’t understand what to do. Anurag comes and asks wherein is dad. Mohini says Tapur took him out, its excellent, he can’t tolerate it. He asks what. Nivedita says Mr. Bajaj behaved with Prerna rudely. Mohini interrupts. Anurag asks what befell. Nivedita says he was finding Kuki, he treated Prerna as Kuki’s nanny and insulted her, she merits this, she can understand her selection turned into incorrect. He says how did Bajaj talk to her like this. He goes. Nivedita says prevent. Anupam comes. Mohini asks why did you inform this, you take him to Prerna once more, Prerna is a victim now, you could have instructed that Prerna is careless.

Nivedita says sorry, I didn’t talk about it. Prerna recalls Mr. Bajaj’s phrases. Anurag comes and asks wherein is Bajaj. Her saree falls over his face. She thinks of their moments. He says appearance Prerna, anything horrific I informed you, I had very own reasons, I don’t mean it, I advised you i will usually aid you, I heard Bajaj shouted on you, how dare he. She asks who instructed you. He says listen, you don’t need to be scared of him. She asks who informed you. He says it doesn’t count, how can you pay attention, he can’t behave as in case you are nanny.

Mr. Bajaj asks Kuki to give return gift. She kisses him. He says i love you loads. She signs and symptoms him. He kisses her. She makes Prerna’s caricature. He says I know you love her, so I made her your mum, she is right, I did incorrect to scold her, I need to apologize, she nods. Prerna says it was my fault, anyone might have reacted like that. Anurag says i can not spare him. She says he’s my husband, its our circle of relatives depend, you do some thing on your own family. He holds her and says you are my family, concentrate, I don’t recognise about your sindoor, I recognize for whom your heart beats. She says perhaps you don’t care, I married Bajaj, i’ve taken marriage vows and will keep it. He says this soul voice is fake, i can throw this voice out. She says out from right here.

He asks why are you keeping off me, you are afraid that you’ll fall vulnerable and love me once more. She says Bajaj is in my heart. He asks honestly, you aren’t capable of observe me, why. She says go away me. He says nice, look at me once, inform me you don’t love me. She cries. He says you can misinform yourself and idiot the sector, but no longer me. I m your soul mate, I recognize you are attempting to hide your feelings, Prerna…. i’m able to hear my call, you furthermore mght listen in your heart. She says Bajaj is in my heart, my husband. She is going. He smiles.

Anupam asks Nivedita now not to visit Anurag, allow him apprehend what he desires, we shouldn’t control him, if Prerna took her own choices, Anurag should take his personal choices. She says Anurag doesn’t recognise right and wrong, I heard Mr. Bajaj and Prerna’s phrases, the reason for this marriage is some thing else which we don’t understand. Prerna cries. Ishq di….performs….Anurag thinks of her and smiles. He says I just noticed it. Nivedita asks why.

Anurag says that love and subject, Prerna…. I noticed love in her eyes, its there, she loves me. She asks what are you saying. He says i can apprehend it. She asks did she tell you. He says no. She says its now not authentic, why is she Mrs. Bajaj now, instead Mrs. Basu. He says I got braveness now. She says she isn’t proper girl for you. He gets a call. He says book my price tag for London. She asks what turned into this. He says I must meet London investor, he’ll assist me in making Bajaj down. She says you aren’t doing this, you may’t threat corporation due to Prerna. He says I m going this for own family, i’m able to stop Bajaj’s electricity, assume high-quality. He is going.

Mr. Bajaj sits calm and says in case you suppose I m no longer aware of this, then you definately are incorrect. Anurag thinks of assembly Prerna. He says I m no longer such as you to cover and strike. Mr. Bajaj says i have continually finished it overtly, I told you that i will take over Basu industries. Anurag says you assert it properly that you are a saint, i love that. Mr. Bajaj says no, I don’t assume all and sundry is a saint, I m very selfish, many humans accept as true with that they are amazing, you think you are a saint, is that so? He drinks.

He says if that was proper, you would have now not attacked on my residence. Anurag says you snatched my the whole thing. Mr. Bajaj says I be given I m selfish and horrific, I cracked a good deal, one who achieves goals wins. Anurag says humans’s lives, emotions, you see deal in it. Mr. Bajaj says I apprehend, I had many such private offers in life, which changed into tagged enterprise. Anurag asks do you have a coronary heart to feel feelings. Mr. Bajaj says I m caution you, London investors are dangerous, cancel this assembly, agree with me, don’t be amazed, i am getting the information of your movements. Anurag thinks so he changed into pronouncing about this, I concept its about Prerna. He asks why, are you afraid. Mr. Bajaj says I left fear and worry left me when i was 12 years antique. Anurag says you may understand the that means of affection very quickly, you may be tons scared, you may see me as your worry. He is going. Mr. Bajaj smiles.

Precap: Veena says I m working as I want cash. Prerna says i’m able to come up with money. Mohini asks Tanvi to take her mum and go home. Maasi says Tanvi, you have to take Prerna’s place.


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