Kasautii Zindagii Kay 15th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Prerna showering love on Kuki. She says sorry for something befell today, I promise this won’t manifest again. She sees Mr. Bajaj on the door. She is going to him and says i used to be just leaving. He says Kuki is my existence, my coronary heart aches while she is in ache. She says I understand this ache, i will attempt that you don’t get harm, Kuki is attached to my heart additionally. She is going.

Its morning, Mr. Bajaj gets ready. Prerna receives a name. Shivani asks didn’t you talk to mum. Prerna says I tried a lot, mum didn’t solution, go and supply the phone to her. Mr. Bajaj sees Prerna sitting on his coat. He is going and sits there. Shivani says Veena were given activity at Vyas’ place. Prerna asks what event organization, quality i can strive to speak to her. Prerna calls the enterprise and asks for Veena. the man asks Veena to speak. Veena asks why did you call on landline. Prerna says I known as however you didn’t answer. Veena says I don’t need to speak. Prerna says you will get ill, don’t try this. Veena asks who informed you. Prerna says i’ve visible you getting into Vyas’ organisation. Veena says I m doing this as I want cash. Prerna says i will supply it. Veena says I don’t want it. She ends name. Prerna says how shall I explain, her fitness can break. She turns and sees Mr. Bajaj. She gets up. He says my intention wasn’t hearing your communicate, you had been sitting on my jacket. He wears his coat. He says I m certain you may fix it one way or the other.

Nivedita comes to Anurag. He says not nowadays, I must cross, tickets are booked. She says you gained’t be here on Rakhi day. He says so sorry, I should pass. She says concentrate to me, I m now not preventing you, are we able to celebrate rakhi nowadays, I gained’t insist for gift. He nods. She calls Tapur. Tapur gets rakhis. He says already.. Nivedita says yes. They do rituals and tie rakhi to him. Behna ne bhai….plays… He offers them gifts. They hug and go away. He packs his bag. Mr. Bajaj says our lives have many troubles, its money related, problem will solve whilst you get money, once you exchange, you received’t grow to be like earlier than. Prerna says I m not capable of understand you. He says my mum’s concerns made me a success, it modified me, now its not possible to alternate, give up your mum’s problem. He receives a call and goes.

Prerna thinks I couldn’t apprehend his beyond, something associated with his beyond and mum’s sorrow, is there any secret. Mohini says I realize Anurag’s situation, hating the one that you love may be very hard. Nivedita says I feel he is stubborn and doing this. Mohini says no, its his ardour. Maasi and Tanvi come. Maasi asks them to keep their talks. Mohini asks her to have breakfast and pass. They argue. Maasi says you already know Rishabh. Mohini says you don’t recognise my Anurag. Maasi says he is a lost man. Nivedita says Rishabh is a loser, Anurag has won this mansion lower back, why are you here. Mohini says you aren’t Rishabh’s mum, Tanvi isn’t his wife, you both are his household, household ought to hold admire and go away. Maasi says you realize a girl ought to stay in in-laws, Nivedita is married, right, why does she stay here.

Tanvi says her husband additionally stays right here as Ghar Jamai. They chuckle. Mohini taunts them. She is going. Nivedita says you both are disgusting. Tanvi asks how dare you communicate like this. Nivedita additionally goes. Maasi says you need to take Prerna’s place and grow to be Mrs. Tanvi Rishabh Bajaj, Prerna failed as a mother, he went to workplace while not having anything, I doubt that Kuki will believe Prerna once more, she ought to come to you. Tanvi asks her no longer to worry.

They see Kuki coming. Kuki runs to hug Prerna. Tanvi says if Kuki doesn’t get away, then Prerna also won’t break out. Maasi says Rishabh will give grand celebration on Kuki’s birthday, Prerna gained’t understand our plan. She tells her plan. Maasi says no person can save Prerna from Rishabh’s plan. Moloy thinks none is aware of what’s Bajaj doing, i’m able to see and recognize this, but I m helpless, Anurag fell lovable. Prerna sees him. He thinks Anurag needs me the maximum now. Mr. Bajaj comes home and sees him. He calls the servants and says take him to the room. Prerna says I m right here for him, he’s like my dad. She takes Moloy.

Mr. Bajaj involves his room. Prerna involves argue with him. She says I didn’t like the manner you treated Moloy, he seemed me a daughter continually, you must admire him. He says he is paralyzed, a person need to be with him, I recognise a way to appreciate elders, don’t count on me to help any Basu. She says I received’t anticipate. He says I don’t think bad always, I noticed if he desires all of us, he can’t name every person. She says your mindset become incorrect, i’ve seemed this own family mine since formative years. He says it will be higher while you leave them and assist your mum. She says don’t drag my mum into this. He says fine, are you able to help her, she works for an occasion employer, running on this age is painful, simply mum can be given Lord’s location on this earth. She says I recognize my mum, she gained’t listen to me. He says you attempt to make your family members more potent, provide an explanation for her, take care of her, she might also stand with the aid of you and take delivery of our marriage, you could get her love again.

Precap: Mohini says that is Bajaj’s birthday celebration. Veena says that is your private home. She asks Prerna what are you doing here. Prerna says Anurag took over Bajaj’s house. Nivedita taunts Veena. Maasi says Veena will wreck this relation.


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