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Komolika imparting help to Mohini. Anurag comes. Mohini cries and hugs him. He hugs his mum and sister. Komolika wipes his tears and smiles. a doctor comes and says Molly’s operation is over, his circumstance is solid, he has to get conscious after which we are able to say something positive. He goes. Komolika takes Mohini with her. Anurag cries seeing Moloy. Mohini says I informed you Moloy, don’t drive, you don’t pay attention to me. Anurag pacifies her. medical doctor says the right element is Moloy has no inner bleeding, he might be out of danger soon. Anurag and Mohini go out. Komolika angrily sees Moloy. She thinks you probably did a large mistake with the aid of getting to know my fact, you must die, else you will make all people against me, I don’t have any advantage by way of saving your lifestyles, my medical doctor will deal with you and deliver you a non violent dying, I simply need to make sure that my health practitioner treats you.

She goes to Anurag. He sees Prerna and goes to her. He hugs Prerna. Komolika receives angry. Days skip. Mohini concerns for Moloy. Nivedita is pressured. Anupam asks her now not to speak loudly. She asks do you recognize anything about the enterprise. He says i will recognize in case you try. She says anyone has learnt about dad’s coincidence, not one of the medicines are working, all the stocks are happening, I m now not able to do something, all of us trusts dad and….

Anurag hears this and cries. Prerna goes to get medicines. She sees Anurag. Komolika sees them. Mohini says to do any puja and Jaap to store Moloy. Pandit says we are able to carry out Maha Mrityunjay Jaap. Mohini says I’m able to perform the puja, i’m able to do something for Moloy, you begin the preparations. Mohini does the puja. Prerna looks after her circle of relatives. She hides and cries. They live concerned for Rajesh. Fifteen days bypass, physician, says we are nonetheless attempting, we didn’t get any fantastic symptoms. Moloy receives severe. physician rushes to test him. Moloy receives stable. He asks the physician to call Anurag, he wishes to speak, its very imp. medical doctor says quality, loosen up. He asks Anurag to move in, Moloy desires to meet him.

Anurag goes to Moloy. He holds Moloy and says your Anurag is here. Moloy says to pay attention to me, why are you crying, don’t cry. Anurag cries. Moloy kisses him and wipes his tears. Anurag says you may be quality. Moloy asks how is Rajesh. Anurag signs no. He says nothing will show up to him. Moloy says I feel proud that my son is such a nice person, i have very less time left, listen to me Anurag, allow me to talk, ok, I want you to promise me. Anurag says not anything will manifest to you. Moloy says I need you to vow me, I don’t deal with Rajesh as my employee, he is like my brother and buddy, promise me you will usually help Rajesh, his family and Prerna.

Anurag guarantees. Moloy says I want you to control the enterprise, let me speak. Anurag says anyone is involved for you. Moloy says Nivedita is a good businessman, she doesn’t recognise relation keeping, promise me. Anurag says sure. Moloy receives extreme and says one greater issue, Komolika desires to…. Anurag rushes to name doctor. Moloy says Komolika wants to marry you, she is a bad individual, don’t marry her. Anurag goes out and doesn’t hear. the doctor treats Moloy. Moloy faints. Anurag cries and remembers Moloy’s words. Prerna comes and hugs Anurag. She says please keep dad, his situation is getting awful. He hugs her. Anurag thinks of Komolika’s phrases. Prerna asks where are you going, you are wished right here. He says I realize, I promised dad, i can do something i can for you.

Precap:- Komolika asks Anurag to meet the promise. She asks him to marry her. She tells Mishka that if they get stored, I may be in hassle. health practitioner says sorry, Moloy has slipped in a coma. everybody gets greatly surprised.

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