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Suman asks Aryan and Shivani to move and feature a speak. Aryan’s mum says we have no problem. Veena holds Shivani’s hand. She says Shivani is valuable to us, we’ve nothing else to present you, we are able to attempt to make it up. Aryan says its a big element that you are giving your daughter. Shivani and Aryan go for a speak. Komolika says you simply stated Prerna is your spouse, then who am I, its enough, she has snatched my husband, she has to go to jail, if each person tries to take her facet, that character must be prepared to bear the effects. She says sufficient, you could’t entice me with your sweet talks, i’m able to now not spare Prerna, do anything you need to, but i will no longer forgive Prerna.

He says sufficient, I did so much for you, I attempt to love you, you just suspect me, you simply keep taunting me, the fact is something else, this suggests which you fake to love me, a person who virtually loves a person is aware, Prerna tells the world that she loves me, I refuse to her love for you, you continue to think I m assisting her, that’s not the case, i used to be saving our engagement ring in the mall, not Prerna, its fine if you don’t trust me, go away me, however i can now not leave Prerna, simply wait and watch, what I do. He is going back to Prerna.

He thinks of Komolika’s words. Inspector says I think Komolika is mendacity, you have to come to police station and deliver assertion, we can leave Prerna. Anurag asks why will I give a written declaration in her want, I just stated that she is my wife and none can take her away, its real, I did promise her that she has rights on me, we all have performed video games with dolls in formative years, they take vows also, Prerna takes it as a reality. He lies that that marriage within the temple become a play, Prerna knew it become an act, now she is setting pressure on me. Prerna says we got married.

Anurag says no person else tells about this marriage, reality is Prerna is gambling with our family. Mohini says yes, she is blackmailing us for money and electricity, Anurag and Komolika have married in front of whole Kolkata. Nivedita says Prerna is here for the cash, she is putting up an act. Prerna thinks Anurag have cheated and shattered me all over again, i can in no way forgive you. She receives arrested. She says I hate you Anurag, I hate myself for falling in love with you, I received’t spare you.

Shivani says my own family become happy when a proposal got here for me, mum is everything for me for the reason that dad left. She says I had an affair with a guy, i used to be pretty extreme about him, i’m able to recognize your choice.

He asks do you continue to love that guy. She says no, the ones things don’t depend to me now, a human makes many errors in existence, that turned into the largest mistake of my lifestyles. She says its appropriate that it changed into a mistake, falling in love isn’t a crime, this is beyond, no longer a individual certificate, do you wish to marry me, sorry, you will start liking me, i will guarantee this, supply me your consent so that i will tell all and sundry. She says you are an excellent man or woman. He says i will pass and tell them that we be given this alliance. She smiles. Nivedita says Prerna is subsequently long past. Mohini says Komolika fought and won, I m happy. Komolika says I don’t need to take the credit score, it goes to Anurag, I need to express regret to him. Mohini says visit him and reconcile. Komolika goes.

Ronit comes to fulfill Shivani. He scolds her for agreeing to marry a person else. He says you may usually be of me, you will get married most effective to me. She asks him to depart. He says don’t anger me, if I lose my temper, i’m able to not go away you. She says I remorse to fall in love with someone like you. He cries and asks why do you hate me, its ok, not anything can prevent me from loving you. She hits him and runs out. He gets a gun.

Komolika apologizes to Anurag. She says I trust you. He says i will’t agree with which you don’t consider my love. Anupam goes to him. Aryan says Shivani, I instructed my choice to them, do you need to marry me. Shivani gets scared seeing Ronit. She says I be given this idea. everyone hugs and smiles. Ronit greets anyone. He gets threatening Aryan.

He asks Aryan to live faraway from Shivani. He says she is mine. Shekhar says placed the gun down. Ronit asks Aryan and his parents to depart. Aryan’s mum receives irritated. Ronit says look Shivani, Aryan is leaving. He scolds Kaki and asks her no longer to attempt to get an alliance for Shivani again. Veena slaps Ronit.

Ronit says Shivani is mine, she will simplest be married to me, whether you all find it irresistible or not. He leaves. Anurag thinks of Prerna and cries.

Precap: Anurag and Prerna hug. Komolika says Anurag, you idea you will cheat me and that i received’t do something, none can cheat me.

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Kasautii Zindagii Kay 16 April 2019
Kasautii Zindagii Kay 16th April 2019
Kasautii Zindagii Kay 16 April
Kasautii Zindagii Kay 16th April


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