Kasautii Zindagii Kay 17th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Nivedita arguing with Veena. Veena says Prerna praises you, you are helping your mum. Nivedita says i’m able to assist her, ask Shivani, Shivani tell the truth in your mum, when you have the braveness. Veena asks Shivani what is she announcing. Shivani says Prerna has married Bajaj. Nivedita says see this p.c, Ronit had sent this percent to me. Veena and every person get stunned. Veena says this may’t be real. Mohini says query yourself, ask your delight. Veena cries. Mohini says that is the reality of this circle of relatives, self esteem, delight, dignity, they use such huge phrases, however their daughter married someone else, and Veena is pretending ignorant, Veena you purchased Prerna married to Bajaj. Veena says no.

Mohini asks how a great deal cash did you get for promoting Prerna. Veena says forgive me. Mohini says my Anurag is in health facility, he’s taking Prerna’s call. they all cry. Mohini says we have been so glad and calling him loopy in love, Prerna pretended to like him, she trapped him in love, even I couldn’t discern it out, what’s Anurag’s mistake. She gets dizzy. they all maintain her and ask her to have water. Mohini gets up and shouts forestall this drama. Veena kneels all the way down to apologize. Moloy sees Anurag. Anupam makes Moloy hold Anurag. Anurag cries.

Anurag says I did the whole lot, she desired me to marry her in the front of society, she changed into very satisfied then why….Mohini says its a curse of a mum, the way Prerna gave pain to Anurag, she will be able to never stay glad, she can undergo the same ache all her life, she will go back someday, her heart may even destroy like she broke my son’s coronary heart. Mohini leaves. Nivedita scolds Veena. She says for what Prerna did today, we are able to by no means forgive any of you. She leaves.

Veena shouts Shivani. She asks whilst did you got to understand this. She slaps Shivani. doctor says you may take Anurag domestic, that girl…. Anupam looks on. physician remembers Prerna’s phrases and says Anurag loves her loads. Naina….performs…. Anurag cries. Veena asks whilst did you already know this. Shivani says whilst i used to be going to parlor. Veena asks why didn’t you tell us, Prerna did a incorrect aspect. Mahesh says leave her. Shivani says I couldn’t get the braveness to tell you. Veena says daughter is shape of Dvi, but my daughters are a curse, Prerna did that wrong factor and Shivani had hidden it. Suman says chill out, its now not Shivani’s mistake. Veena cries. all and sundry consoles Veena.

Shivani says Prerna become married by the time I got to realize, sorry. Veena says i will never be able to forgive Prerna, I trusted her greater than myself, its desirable that her dad isn’t any more, why didn’t he take me alongside. Dadi hugs Veena and consoles. Mohini cries recalling Anurag’s words. She says whilst Anurag predicted 100% marks and he got ninety nine% marks, I slapped him, he broke down due to the fact he had harm me, this time he received’t be able to deal with this, i can’t see him like this Moloy, that cheater Prerna has given a lot pain to my son, I won’t let my circle of relatives crumble, i will now not fall vulnerable, Bajaj has hurt us emotionally, Prerna supported him, my kids aren’t weak, i will cause them to stronger, no person can reduce to rubble with my children, neither Bajaj nor Prerna.

Anurag sits quiet. Tum kaho….plays… Nivedita comes to him and gives tea. She asks him to visit the Switzerland convention, they may get the deal, it will be superb for him. He doesn’t react. She cries and is going. He thinks of Prerna. Anupam hugs her. She says i used to be talking to Anurag, he isn’t paying attention to me, he’s in a lot ache. Mohini says no, you received’t cry, my youngsters can’t be weak, I realize that Anurah is in much ache, I promise to make him nice, you may pass Switzerland and constitute Basu guides, you will face Bajaj and Prerna, is settlement could be very imp, in case you don’t go, rumors will unfold that…

Nivedita says rumors that break the business and recognition. Mohini says yes, Anupam you will move alongside. He says however Anurag desires me. Mohini says he is strong, I m with you, we must get this agreement. Nivedita says I promise you, we are able to get this task. Mohini goes. Dadi asks Veena to have meals. Veena keeps her give up diya and cries. Shivani comes and stops her. Veena says Prerna will bear a great deal punishment, she has harm my Anurag’s heart, we recognize how a good deal he cherished Prerna, how should she do this, she have to get extra issues, she did wrong, Anurag got punished, i’m able to face Anurag while Prerna tells us why she did it, she ran like a coward, she has to offer solutions to our questions. She comes to Mr. Bajaj’s residence and shouts Prerna. She looks for her. Servant asks who’re you, include me, Sir and madam aren’t here. She asks wherein are they. He says they left for Switzerland.

Precap: Prerna says you had been usually with me to wipe my tears, how am i able to mend your heart. Mr. Bajaj says i’m able to in no way touch you with an aim which may additionally lead you to misconceive me. Nivedita scolds Prerna. She says you bought your self for those luxuries.


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