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The Episode begins with Komolika asking how could you slap me, I m Komolika Chobey Basu, I won’t leave anybody, I won’t abandon you, you slapped me. She falls on the bed and dozes. Anurag says what did I do. Constable offers nourishment to Prerna and requests that her completion it in 10 mins. Prerna sits sient. She reviews Anurag. She says time, circumstance and Anurag changed, yet I didn’t transform, I feel just heart says reality. Veena and Shivani meet Rajesh’s companion. The man says I regard Rajesh, this case is convoluted. Veena says Rajesh used to state you are a decent legal counselor, we may take your assistance and aimlessly trust you, Prerna is in prison, the claims are false, she can’t swindle anybody. He says better contract a greater attorney. Shivani says every one of the attorneys would not take this case, mum said she has much confidence in you. He says don’t misjudge me, I can’t battle this case, my family’s security is my need, Komolika’s father has high power associations, none can battle this case before Anurag and Komolika’s forces. Prerna says I have begun to detest myself alongside despising you. Puchta hai ye dil… .plays… . Anurag comes there and holds the divider. He stays there. Prerna cries. He cries.

Tu meri mai tera… ..plays… Komolika awakens and sees the slap mark on her cheek. She says who has slapped me, for what reason will Anurag slap me, Prerna is in prison, I should visit her. Anurag asks would you be able to do it. Legal advisor says case is confused, be prepared for cash stream, don’t stress Prerna will get free, I simply have two hours for contextual analysis, that is sufficient for me, fine I should leave. Anurag says Mr. Verma, I need some help from you, when you meet Prerna’s mum, don’t make reference to my name, disregard the cash talks, reveal to her that you know Rajesh. Verma says you need to spare an honest individual and don’t need them to know it. Anurag says this is known as the trial of life. Constable says somebody has come to meet you. Prerna asks what are you doing here again Anurag. She sees Komolika.

Komolika says truly Prerna, Anurag here? You figure you will make a misconception and we will battle, no, I will never question you, I came to give you uplifting news, Basu family invited me home according to the ceremonies, my grahpravesh is done, I came to see your dismal face, I will go. Prerna says check guests’ register while leaving, Anurag came to meet me, he said he loathes you, despite everything he cherishes me, he is caught by you, he shared everything and embraced me. Komolika says shut up, you are a liar, you don’t have the foggiest idea the amount you incentive to him, would you like to know, zero… have you at any point thought why he quit adoring you, you would think how everything got over all of a sudden, he exchanged his adoration, he sold your affection to me, he is a specialist, he comprehends what’s privilege and what’s up with me, he realized he will require my cash, he esteems time and cash, so he wedded me, I purchased your affection from him. Prerna says this is an untruth.

Komolika says you are a trick, love doesn’t exist, Anurag proposed to me, he said he adores me, I realize he doesn’t love me, he needed to wed me for business benefits, its demon for him to keep me cheerful, he is enchanting, take a gander at you, where did you go after him, so I acknowledged this arrangement and purchased your affection, he knew it, that he will have enormous contacts on the off chance that he weds me, its about influence and cash. Prerna says you are lying. Komolika says you should peruse papers. Basu distributions have huge govt ventures. Anurag is on magazine coverpage, in light of the fact that he picked me, he got cash and influence, on the off chance that he had hitched you, he would have never got this, he picked cash and I got Anurag, on the off chance that he wedded you, he would have loaded by two families’ duties, I made him a business big shot, my father has given him a major undertaking as a wedding blessing, your father relied upon his compensation check. Prerna says no, you are lying.

Komolika says you wedded him right, quiet down, he connected the purported sindoor, for what reason did he back off, let me know, you would not have the capacity to do this for him, whatever I accomplished for him. Prerna says he can’t abandon me for his avarice, I know him, you don’t have any acquaintance with him. Komolika says fine, let me know, he wedded you and didn’t tell anybody, everybody was available in my marriage, he needed to tell everybody that he was wedding me. Prerna says I could acknowledge that he experiences passionate feelings for another person, however he can’t pick cash. Komolika says the longing to be a fruitful agent, Anurag was simply utilizing you, he sold his genuine romance to me. Prerna says no, if you don’t mind stop it, he can’t do this, he adored me. Komolika says Anurag is my better half, I need to let you know, nothing is demon than benefits for a specialist, when this arrangement occurred, my telephone camera was left on, I have the verification, would you like to see.

Precap Upcoming Kasautii Zindagii Kay Episode Update: Anurag says Prerna is playing mind recreations with you. Komolika says you are playing with me, Sanjay said you went poorly yesterday, Prerna said you met her, do you have another story. Prerna says I went to meet Prerna, yes.


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