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Komolika tells Anurag that she has control over the whole thing that’s on stake for Anurag right now.

In Star Plus show KZK2 19th Feb 2019 episode, Anurag tries to console Prerna. He says to Prerna that he’s going to do the whole lot he can for her circle of relatives. Anurag then goes to Komolika and asks her for the assist. In response, Komolika gets to comply with assisting him. She says that i have to help you due to the fact your father got here to satisfy my father.

She also tells Anurag that his Base booklet is going for walks in the loss and that his father wanted cash. She brought that her father got ready to assist Anurag’s father however there was a condition. She tells him that his father needs the two (Komolika and Anurag) to get married to every other.

Anurag gets stunned to this all from Komolika. She also says that if he gets geared up to marry her, her father will no longer take his money back from Anurag’s father. She says that her father will shop Anurag’s organization from the loss most effective if he’s going to tie a knot together with her. She further says that she will be able to additionally keep Prerna’s father by calling a health practitioner from London here. She tells Anurag that even his residence’s files are submitted within the financial institution as a mortgage. She says she can keep his home too if he will marry her.

Komolika tells Anurag that she has managed over the whole thing that’s on stake for Anurag right now. This leads Anurag to intense anger, he tells Komolika that he does now not want her to assist anymore and he leaves from there. angry Komolika says that Anurag is forcing her to head beyond her limits. Anurag arrives on the sanatorium in which he sees Nivedita crying due to the fact everybody is promoting their employer’s stocks.

A doctor tells Anurag that both are in a crucial situation and that drugs also are not working on them. Anurag gets very emotional by using seeing both the circle of relatives crying. Prerna involves Anurag and requests him to do something, but hug every other whilst getting emotional. Anurag guarantees Prerna that he’s going to make the entirety first-class. Anurag calls Komolika and tells her that he is ready to fulfil all her demands.

Komika arrives at the hospital with her health practitioner. Anurag receives exact news from the clinic’s tv that Basu guides have got a large undertaking from the authorities. properly, Komolika is the one who makes this possible. Anurag thanks Komolika for her help. Komolika says that he does now not want to say thanks to her as they two are actually going to come to be existence partners. She tells Anurag that she is having files of Prerna’s domestic and that he can take it from her later. The medical doctor tells all of us that Malloy Basu has long gone into a coma and with this, this night’s episode ends. stay tuned with us for all of the modern updates of your favoured display Kasautii Zindagii Kay and written episode.

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