Kasautii Zindagii Kay 1st August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Anupam announcing the whole lot gets excellent. Nivedita says the location is actually lovely. He says no longer greater beautiful than you, maintain smiling. He hugs her. Mr. Bajaj and Prerna get prepared. He says tell me if you are scared. She thinks of Anurag. He says i’m able to preserve your hand, we are able to take care of every others’ lives. fb ends. Mr. Bajaj and Prerna cross for paragliding. Prerna closes eyes and thinks of Mr. Bajaj’s words. He thinks of Prerna’s phrases. She thinks I received’t lose to him. They land. She thinks i have received this time. Mr. Bajaj thinks she has something, courage, stubbornness… I haven’t seen this in any of my opponent. Anurag takes the flight. He thinks of Prerna. Dil ki lagi….plays…. He thinks love doesn’t die, this is our love story, Prerna’s destiny is linked to me, i can reach where she is, Mr. Bajaj is a small hurdle, sooner or later he has to step away, we are able to face any tests of life.

Suman asks Veena to have food. Veena doesn’t react. Shivani comes and asks Veena to speak to her once. Anurag leaves for domestic. He closes eyes and sees Prerna passing by. solar raha hai tu……plays…. He goes to the stall and says Prerna. The girl turns to him. He says sorry, I idea its a person else. the person involves him and says you don’t forget, you used to come with Prerna to my shop and consume betel. Anurag recalls Prerna. the person offers him betel. Anurag goes and sits consuming. the driving force says we reached domestic. Tapur says Anurag has come. Mohini is going to the door. She opens the door and hugs Anurag. She thinks he is drunk. He says I m tired, I want to rest. Tapur hugs Anurag and asks how are you. Anurag says I want my suitcase, I want my stuff. Mohini concerns. Tapur says now he has come. Mohini says its massive component that he again home, come, I m glad.

Veena comes to Prerna’s room and thinks of her. She cries and hugs her percent. Shivani asks her to talk to her. Veena asks whilst is Prerna coming returned, whilst did she communicate to you, tell me. Shivani says don’t know. Veena says don’t deceive me. Shivani says the next day morning. Mr. Bajaj and Prerna are at the manner. He gets Mehra’s name. He solutions and says sure Mehra, I didn’t forget about, I m on my way. He says Mr. Mehra is my lawyer, we ought to go there for 15 minutes.

Nivedita and Anupam are at the manner. Anupam asks driving force to interchange on the radio and play songs. Gucci armani…performs… Anupam dances and symptoms Nivedita. She laughs and says I loved this tune. they come home. Anupam holds Nivedita’s hand while she selections telephone. She laughs. Mohini seems on and says welcome, you appearance very Happy. They greet Mohini. Nivedita hugs Mohini. Tapur comes and hugs them. Mohini says it changed into a business experience, no longer honeymoon. Anupam asks how is Anurag. Mohini says he isn’t exceptional, he is on my own and locked himself inside the room, he commenced consuming. Anupam says i can see him. Nivedita says you have to forestall him, else he may take capsules.

Mr. Bajaj and Prerna come to Mehra’s house and congratulates him for his son’s marriage. Mehra thank you Mr. Bajaj. He is going to name his son. Anupam involves Anurag’s room and gets taken aback. He asks since while did you start consuming. Anurag asks how became your journey, i was ingesting, but now not now, I ought to stay in senses to deliver Mr. Bajaj to sense, he has attacked me by finding out my strengths and weaknesses, once I wasn’t geared up, now its my turn, i’m able to deliver him to ground. Anupam asks what’s his weak point. Anurag says I m locating it, all of us are people, no longer Lord, the day I discover, my work will start.

Precap: Anurag asks Nivedita will she aid him to wreck Mr. Bajaj. Prerna says Mr. Bajaj is higher than Anurag. Veena says you are a assets for him, which he snatched from Anurag. Prerna receives a report. She says you married me to hurt Anurag, to reveal that you have his love.


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