Kasautii Zindagii Kay 1st March 2019 Written Episode Update
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KZK2 1 Mar episode Star With Prerna recalling her intimacy with Anurag. facebook suggests Anurag and Prerna romancing within the hit. In Lamhon ke daaman mein…. plays…. She gets shy and goes away. He holds her close and says not anything is inaccurate, we are going to get married in ten days. They kiss. He receives near her. Prerna cries recalling this. Anurag and Prerna hug. He says something happened changed into love, natural love. She smiles. He says we are able to be getting married in seven days. facebook ends. Prerna cries a lot. Anurag says I m sorry.

Mohini asks why no longer, Anurag. He says no, I’m able to. She says its now not a funny story, it’s about households, you will marry Komolika. He says you care for society, did you see me, did you take a look at my trembling arms whilst i was filling sindoor in Komolika’s maang, sorry i can’t do that. He cries. She says every person is speaking approximately our family, our reputation is at stake. He says I realize that what approximately my coronary heart. Anupam thinks to give this proper information to Prerna. He calls Prerna. He thinks perhaps she isn’t answering thinking I m calling her right here, i’ve to inform her that Anurag simply loves her. Mishka says I m worried that Komolika can get heartbroken, dad is so confused. Nivedita says don’t worry, Anurag will simply come.

Chobey says he refused for marriage and played with our respect. He counts Komolika’s favours on them. He says if my popularity gets stained, i can spoil Anurag’s existence. Mohini says I gained’t pay attention to you, include me now. Anurag says whatever I advised Prerna that day was a lie. Mohini gets bowled over. He says sorry, however I attempted lots to lie and scold Prerna so that she hates me and receives away, I notion I did it, I realized that i used to be doing wrong, I promised her, she didn’t do something, she notion I cherished Mishka, I told her everything and shared my feelings that i really like her, I promised that i’m able to fill her maang. She receives irritated. Nivedita comes and says Chobey could be very irritated, manage the scenario. Mohini asks what shall I tell him. Anurag says I made a mistake, i’m able to restore it, come. She says you have to solution me first. Mishka is going to taunt Komolika approximately the incomplete or damaged marriage. Komolika says you’re lucky and i m unlucky, you are my sibling, if anybody else requested this to me, I should have now not spared this.

Mishka says I m unfortunate as you are my sister, you could scare Prerna, but what will you do of her reminiscences in Anurag’s thoughts, do you they your mystery, that is referred to as Karma, you may get punished on your deeds. Komolika says Anurag left you as he cherished Prerna, Prerna is my higher rival than you, now get out. She thinks why is Anurag doing this, understanding this marriage is so imp for him. Mohini says I always found my happiness in yours, you rejected 51 ladies, Mishka became the 52nd one, your desire, I was given you engaged to her, you said you want to marry Komolika and fulfil the promise to Molly, I always listened to you, you need to do that marriage. He says I promised marriage to a person else, I already promised Prerna. Prerna cries and says I got to understand this whilst he is marrying today. Nivedita says you can’t again out. He says I recognize i’m able to’t returned out, i will do all the rituals and do this marriage, except the sindoor ritual.

Mohini says marriage is incomplete without sindoor, you heard the pandit. Mohini asks shall I say this marriage isn’t happening. Nivedita says Anurag will try this marriage with all rituals. He says I m sorry, i will try this, no matter what I have to face, I m sorry. They get shocked. Komolika asks Mohini what took place. Mohini says surely… Komolika says I believe you, you may fix the entirety. Mohini says he isn’t capable of satisfying sindoor rasam, he is prepared to marry. Komolika says i can control, get him to mandap, I instructed you i’m able to cope with it. Mohini comes to Anurag. She takes him. Chobey asks what’s taking place. Komolika says Anurag won’t fill sindoor in my maang, right Anurag. He says sure. She says i have informed this to everybody, tell us the purpose.

The written episode of 1 March 2019 Kasautii Zindagii Kay episode update online story ends.

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Precap: Upcoming Kasautii Zindagii Kay episode update Medical doctor says give me your husband’s call, i will call him, he will come to pick you. Prerna says he won’t come. She runs and her dupatta catches fireplace. She falls on the street. Anurag marries Komolika.


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