Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 12th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The popular serial ‘Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2’ will be shown on Monday for a one-hour episode. The twist is coming again in the story, as the family of Anurag (Partha Samthaan) and Mr. Bajaj (Karan Singh Grover) are now living together in the same house. In such a situation, there will be a conflict between the two families. Be it between Mr. Bajaj-Anurag and Mohini-Mausi, Nivedita-Tanvi or Anurag-Prerna.

Mr. Bajaj has bought Anurag’s house i.e. ‘Basu Bari’ and he has come to live there with the whole family. Hearing this, the ground slips from Anurag’s feet. At the same time, Mr. Bajaj’s inclination towards Prerna (Erica Fernandes) is increasing. Prerna promises Maloy Basu that she will fix everything.

Anurag is not ready to be with Mr. Bajaj and Prerna in ‘Basu Bari’, but his mother Mohini Basu explains that he will not lose to Mr. Bajaj and stay in the same house. At the same time, Nivedita tells Mr. Bajaj that he has half the rights to the house, so he will stay in this house. On this, Mr. Bajaj says that you people should be fond, but you will not get relaxed. Mr. Bajaj challenges Anurag to stay with the whole family and buy the entire house in a month. Mohini says that Anurag will face trouble due to Prerna’s stay in the house, then Mr. Bajaj also retorts, saying that Prerna is no longer Prerna Sharma, but Prerna Bajaj. Therefore, as a wife, she will remain with him. Now in ‘Basu Bari’, the Basu family will be at the bottom and Mr. Bajaj’s family will be at the top.

You will be surprised to know that Mr. Bajaj did all this deliberately. In fact, in this episode, Mr. Bajaj tells himself that he has done all this for prerna, because he did not want him to be trapped between the two families and Anurag would harass him again and again.

On the other hand, Mohini recites the prerna again. She says that no one can take away their house from them. Mohini accuses Prerna of many charges and accuses her of being too characterless. Hearing this, Anurag fires up and angrily throws the suitcase down the stairs, who falls at Prerna’s feet. Prerna’s leg gets hurt, but Anurag controls his feelings and ignores him.

In the maiden of prerna, sister-in-law taunts her younger sister Shivani. She advises him to go by local train instead of rickshaw to save money and to reduce expenses. Veena’s mother overhears all this and tells son Shekhar that she will do a part time job, which makes Shekhar surprised. He forbids the mother to work, but Veena does not listen to one of hers.

When Prerna goes to the upstairs room, she remembers the old moments spent with Anurag. Remembering the past, she starts crying, but then Anurag comes. He accuses Prerna that she has come to live with Mr. Bajaj in ‘Basu Bari’ to evacuate her family. There is a lot of debate between the two. Anurag says that she can only be happy with him and he will never let her be happy.

Mr. Bajaj’s entire family arrives at ‘Basu Bari’ with luggage. On coming home, there is a debate between Mohini and Mr. Bajaj’s aunt. Mr. Bajaj introduces his family to the Basu family. Seeing Kuki, Anurag remembers that he has met her before, but as soon as Mr. Bajaj says that Kuki is his daughter, everyone is shocked. Bajaj’s aunt tells Kuki that she was missing her mother, but her mother is here and runs and goes to Prerna. Seeing this truth, the ground slips from Anurag’s feet. He is stunned to see Prerna caressing the cookie.

In the following episodes you will see that Nivedita gets to know the truth about Mr. Bajaj and Prerna’s wedding. Now it will be interesting to see how Anurag will react when he comes to know.


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