Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 16th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The real face of Mr. Bajaj’s aunt and Tanvi has been revealed in the serial ‘Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2’ and he is the only one to

In the ‘Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2’ serial, you have seen the real face of Mr. Bajaj (Karan Singh Grover ) ‘s aunt and adopted daughter Tanvi. Has surfaced. The two lock Cookie in the store room to drop Prerna (Erica Fernandes) from Mr. Bajaj, causing her to faint. Mr. Bajaj is very angry at Prerna seeing Kuki’s condition, but aunt and Tanvi’s moves backfire. Mr. Bajaj and Prerna talk to each other and their displeasure goes away. Prerna on the other hand is upset because of working outside her mother Veena. Mr. Bajaj listens to her and Shivani and requests Prerna to help her mother.

Anurag (Partha Samthan) prepares to go to London in connection with the business, but Nivedita and Tapur celebrate Rakhi before she leaves. On the other hand, Mohini Basu-Nivedita’s Mr. Bajaj’s aunt and Tanvi argue again. Then Aunty conspires to drop Prerna down the stairs on Cookie’s birthday, so that Tanvi and Mr. Bajaj can get married and capture her entire property. At the same time, Mr. Bajaj treats Anurag’s father Maloy Basu with impunity, which is astonishing to see the inspiration. She says not to treat the people of Basu family in this way.

In the August 16 episode, you will see Mr. Bajaj, persuading Prerna to help her mother Veena, so that she does not have to work at this age. Seeing this, many questions arise in Prerna’s mind that Mr. Bajaj, who looks so harsh from above, is just as soft from inside, but why does he show the upper face to the world. At the same time, Anurag is in London and he misses inspiration. He calls Prerana and says that he will get her back.

On the other hand, Veena also comes to ‘Basu House’ with the company who is given the contract for the decoration of Kuki’s birthday party. Veena is unaware that the party belongs to Mr. Bajaj’s daughter and Mr. Bajaj has occupied Anurag’s house. When Prerna tells her the whole thing, she again tells Mr. Bajaj and tells him very well. Prerna thinks that Mr. Bajaj has done all this deliberately, so as to insult her and mother.

Tanvi is shocked to see Veena and Prerna quarreling. She tells her mother that Veena does not like Mr. Bajaj. Tanvi is also surprised to learn that Mr. Bajaj intentionally gave the contract to that company and made a deal to include Veena in that contract. Prerna is also stunned to see all this. She questions Mr. Bajaj and the two start fighting. Tanvi and Mausi are happy to see this and Veena does not like Mr. Bajaj. Both plot that now they will replace Veena as Veena and break the relationship between Mr. Bajaj and Prerna.

Veena learns that Mr. Bajaj also has a daughter and Prerna is her mother, then the ground slips from their feet. Anurag’s sister Nivedita tells Veena very well. Prerna on the other hand prepares Cookie for the birthday party. Seeing this, Tanvi fills water inside and tells herself that she will soon drive Prerna out of this house.

In the next episode, Veena tells Prerna that she would never let him get married to Mr. Bajaj if she just walked. On the other hand, Mausi and Tanvi together plot against Prerna. During cookie’s cake cutting, aunty cuts the rope of the chandelier, which falls on Mr. Bajaj and causes severe head injury. It is accused of Veena. Now it has to be seen whether Mausi and Tanvi’s truth will be revealed or will Prerna and Mr. Bajaj’s relationship end!


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