Kasautii Zindagii Kay 21st February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me

Kamolika and Anurag. Anurag says sorry Prerna to Kamolika. Kamolika receives miffed. Mohini blesses Anurag and Kamolika.

Mishka walks in Kamolika’s room. Kamolika gets taken aback and drops the Sindoor. Mishka mocks Kamolika on Anurag’s frame of thoughts. Kamolika promises Mishka that she will be able to get Anurag. Prerna is thinking about Anurag’s wedding ceremony promise.

Nevidita invitations Prerna. Prerna assumes that Anurag has finalized their wedding ceremony date. Nevidita clears the clouds about Anurag’s engagement with Kamolika. Prerna gets disturbed. Veena receives a surprise too. Shivani confronts Nevidita. Nevidita lashes returned at Shivani.

Anurag reveals Prerna’s ignored name. He receives petrified. He plans for a better way to assist Prerna in handling heart wreck.

Anurag bumps into Mohini. Mohini thanks Anurag for fulfilling his father’s desire.

Nevidita visits Kamolika. They both have fun their victory. Shivani attempts to make Prerna consider Anurag’s help and support. She wants Prerna to speak to Anurag approximately it.

Kamolika arrives with Mishka and Siddhart Chaubey for the engagement. Anupam tells Nevidita that Anurag loves Prerna. Nevidita lashes at him. Anurag recalls the time while he tests Prerna’s ring length for his or her engagement rite.

The written update of 21st February 2019 KasuZindagiigi Ki 2 episode tale ends.

Precap:- Prerna arrives at Anurag’s engagement rite. Anurag insults Prerna and compares her with Kamolika


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