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The Episode begins with Komolika saying I cherish you, I revere you, Prerna has no status, she can’t do anything, her status is only that she is a worker’s girl, she is nothing. He says you are a priest’s little girl, what did you do, she got somebody on her side, she is making a group against us, I m your significant other and reserve a privilege to get irate on you. He proceeds to state express gratitude toward God she got befuddled by my inquiries, presently she would address herself. Anurag comes there and sees Prerna. He reviews his marriage. He supposes I m not ready to do what I ought to have.

Prerna too considers him. She sees him. He asks is everything alright, I can get haldi milk or kada to support you, your agony can die down with it. She evacuates the swathe and tosses it. She closes the entryway and requests that he leave, let her life in harmony. He says open the entryway once, I will go once I do the guide. She says I would prefer not to give you any rights. He says I do have rights, you just state that we are hitched, in the event that you cherish me, I have a right. She opens the entryway and holds his neckline. She asks to what extent will you play with me, you, your sweettalkings and care, I despise this presently, return to your Komolika, I m quiet as Tapur’s coalition will get fixed, when that occurs, you will see my distinctive side. He asks since when did you begin thinking about my family. She says you merit scorn and discipline, not Tapur. Its morning, Nivedita informs everybody regarding Sahil and Tapur’s union. Anurag says father isn’t here now, we need your assent.

Sahil says I like Tapur. Sahil’s folks state we need to fix this collusion. Nivedita says its excessively great. Sahil’s mum says we ought to do their roka, where is your bahu, she will sustain the desserts to them first. Mohini says obviously. Komolika comes. Prerna precedes her and takes the plate. She says its my obligation to do the ceremonies and feed desserts. Sahil’s mum acclaims Prerna’s magnificence. Anurag grins. Komolika gets furious. Prerna presents herself. Sahil’s mum says you are delightful as your name. Mohini says this isn’t my bahu. Nivedita says she resembles a girl for mum, have desserts. Prerna bolsters desserts to Tapur, Sahil and others. Sahil and his family leave. Nivedita asks Mohini to hear her out. Mohini asks how could you stop me there. Nivedita says I did what I felt right. Komolika says you recollect that, I m the bahu of this house.

Mohini says you offended me by calling Prerna as Anurag’s significant other, why. Nivedita says I did what I thought right, Prerna has presented herself as our bahu and began custom, imagine a scenario where I came clean, she would have made an issue, its about Tapur’s marriage. Komolika approaches did you do this for Tapur or Anupam’s desire, just Anupam needs to see Prerna in my place, perhaps you are supporting him. Nivedita says Anupam is my significant other. They contend. Komolika gets provoking Nivedita for not taking care of her marriage. She says I can remind you, who am I. Nivedita says you can’t converse with me like this. Komolika says I can talk this way, Prerna said pandit that she is Anurag’s better half, nobody upheld her, equitable Veena and Anupam bolstered Prerna, did you ask Anupam for what good reason is he supporting Prerna, I didn’t ask you anything as I enjoyed you, you are conflicting with me. Nivedita says that is not the situation, I m not lying. Mohini yells stop… … Nivedita doesn’t lie ever, I know her, both of you quiet down, I will locate an opportunity and tell Tapur’s inlaws that Komolika is Anurag’s better half.

Komolika says call them now. Mohini says quiet down, let couple of days pass, Moloy and Sahil’s father fixed this union, they began business on this day, Moloy ought to have been here, I feel peculiar that he isn’t here, how destiny plays with us. Komolika holds her and considers in the event that he was here, I wouldn’t have been here, I shouldn’t have hitched Anurag. Ronit calls Shivani and stuns her by his discussion. She says you are in Delhi, how would you think about me. His companion demonstrates her on video call to Ronit. Ronit sings a tune for her. She picks the fallen vegs and leaves from the market. Ronit’s companion pursues her and says your work is finished. Ronit says keep me educated.

Kaki says Aryan needs to meet Shivani once more, however he is terrified of Ronit. Prerna gets back home and hears them. She asks did Ronit come here with a weapon. Kaki says yes. Veena asks how are you. Prerna asks what are you covering up. Kaki says I will come later. Veena advises her beginning and end. Shivani says Ronit is in Delhi, still he knows every little thing about me, I would prefer not to go to him, I would prefer not to wed him. Prerna embraces her and says I guarantee, I will convey him to detects. Anurag hears Komolika conversing with the legal advisor. She says my father has done everything to help Basu productions, I m the proprietor of Prerna’s home, Prerna should know this, that I have the house’s unique papers. Anurag says I have to converse with you in private.

Komolika requests that legal advisor set up the draft and come. Anurag thinks possibly she is feeling uncertain. He says I m irate at myself, I shouldn’t have carried on that path with you, I m feeling so regretful. She says you are feeling regretful, as you have hitched me, Nivedita likewise feels that you shouldn’t have hitched me. He says I addressed Nivedita and asked her not to call Prerna my significant other, she was sorry, you are my better half. She asks truly. He asks are you questioning me once more, I can’t trust this, what will I do to demonstrate that I cherish you.

Precap Upcoming Kasautii Zindagii Kay Episode Update: Prerna says I don’t have to effectively inspire Anurag, you are completing a great deal to win him. Komolika says you need to make Anurag and me battle. Prerna says you both are living in discrete rooms.


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