Kasautii Zindagii Kay 25th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Prerna throwing shades at Anurag. He says what did you do, it went in my eyes. Prerna looks into his eyes to clean the colours. She asks him to come to washroom and smooth his eyes. He says i will’t see whatever. She takes him along. Nivedita and Anupam argue. He says holi is a festive of colors, we ought to have amusing. Nivedita says i’m able to provide you with cash, however no longer class. He says please be mine once, you will fall in love with me. Mohini asks them to move and play holi. She needs them glad holi. She says i will go and meet Anurag, while we apply tika to every other, we are able to apply hues, in which is he. Nivedita says Prerna’s room. Anurag says you did this intentionally. Prerna says I m no longer like you, you made me indignant, so I did this. He says you have got thrown hues at me twice.

She says you may go through twice, you don’t deserve it. He says you hate me, however you always assist me, you take care of me. Mohini attends the visitors and hopes that Anurag is not with Prerna.
Prerna says what rubbish, you watched I take care of you. Anurag says sure, you are very susceptible, helpless you need me, you’ve got got used to me, else simply depart. She says i will see worry in your eyes, due to the fact that I m here. He thinks I m scared for you. She says I m not weak, I idea love makes a person vulnerable. He says you got more potent. She says I did, don’t mess with me. He asks her to get a towel. He sprinkles water on her. She throws a pitcher of water at him. They argue. Mohini comes and calls him out. He stops Prerna. He says mum can doubt on us if he sees us. He thinks mum will speak this with Komolika, and then Komolika will harm Prerna. Prerna bites his hand and says don’t touch me. He says I don’t need to discuss something, we’ve got hatred among us. Mohini asks Anurag is he inside the washroom. Anurag and Prerna argue. Mohini exams inner and doesn’t see them. She thinks to test Prerna’s bags once, if she receives Anurag’s percent in it, she will burn it.

Anurag asks Prerna no longer to head right now. Prerna sees Mohini checking her bag. She asks what is your mum doing here. He says how would I recognize, don’t go proper now. They cave in and have an eyelock. Nivedita says i’m able to play holi with you. Komolika runs and comes across Veena and Shivani. Nivedita says Rajesh surpassed months lower back and you’ve got come here to play holi. Veena says no, we came to preserve the holi rasam, we got here to offer presents to Prerna. Veena stops Komolika from applying her colorings and warns her. Komolika says Prerna is snatching Anurag from me, I m not snatching him from Prerna. Nivedita and Komolika scold Veena.

Veena raises hand. Komolika holds her hand. Komolika makes harmless face on seeing Mohini. Mohini asks how dare you Veena. Veena says I must teach her a lesson. Mohini asks her to make an apology. Veena refuses and says Komolika should express regret. Mohini says you raised hand on my bahu, you need to express regret. Veena says you didn’t listen her pronouncing reasonably-priced issue about my daughter. Veena and Mohini argue. Mohini asks her to take Prerna domestic. Veena says i can never ruin her marriage by way of compelling her to come domestic, she can come to my house via her personal wish. Komolika says no person values her, everyone hates her, even Anurag, even then you want to leave her right here.

Veena says Prerna will stay here and combat for her right, i’ve a right to fulfill my daughter, call her, else I received’t step returned. Komolika thinks i’m able to gain Mohini’s sympathy and say that Prerna and Veena are humiliating me, in which are Anurag and Prerna. Mohini says once your rasams drama give up, depart my house. Veena says positive. Anurag says there is no one outside. Prerna asks why are we waiting right here. They argue. He is going out and sees Komolika. Veena says its correct we’ve got come to meet Prerna, I received’t tolerate the incorrect. Shivani says you used to listen to Mohini before, you modified a lot. Veena says I must shoulder the obligation now, I should be sturdy. Anurag says concentrate, Komolika is coming, if she sees us like this, it is going to be a hassle, come with me to washroom, do me a desire. Prerna says no. Komolika says I want they leave speedy. Anurag says fine, subsequent time don’t anticipate assist from me. He hides backstage after which runs to cover under the bed. He issues.

Precap Upcoming Kasautii Zindagii Kay episode update: Komolika says you need to win my consider. She gives sindoor and asks Anurag to fill her maang. Prerna seems on.


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