Prerna pronouncing I hate Anurag loads. Anupam says you are misunderstanding him, please prevent this marriage. She says you have been there whilst he announced that he doesn’t love you. He says he loves you a lot, concentrate on your coronary heart, now not his phrases, come with me and stop his marriage. She says ok, provide me with one reason as to why I ought to move there and prevent the marriage. Anupam recollects Anurag’s words. She says I can attend Anurag and Komolika’s marriage, I’m able to no longer stop it, I’m able to come there with curses, no longer wishes and presents. Anurag gets prepared as the groom. He thinks of the instant whilst Prerna took care of his wound, telling him that they may be marrying soon. Anurag says I’ve tolerated an awful lot ache, I recognise the marriage is inside 7 days, you could by no means purpose me any pain.

He holds her close. She gets shy. He romances her. He says I m in love with you, I by no means thought this. They smile. He says I think about you all the time, I used to consider enterprise and work. Mere Naam tu….performs…. He says I think of excuses to fulfil you and spend time with you, I simply wish to hold searching at you. She receives away smiling.

He runs to forestall her. They hug. He says you have mesmerized me, you have to deal with me now. facebook ends. He thinks perhaps we will never locate our love. Prerna cries and thinks he turned into never mine. Aunt asks where is Anurag. Mishka asks can I carry out the rasam. Aunt says certainly. Anurag comes to the mandap. Mishka does the rituals and misses her mum. Anurag thinks of Prerna. Mohini says I will attend the marriage rituals. He asks her to live. absolutely everyone asks her to stay back, seeing that Molly is not right here. Mohini asks Pandit to begin rasam. Pandit says who will do kanyadaan.

Nivedita says Anupam, your opinion doesn’t count number, higher enjoy this marriage, Komolika is going to end up Anurag’s wife. Komolika receives equipped as the bride. She says Mishka, I haven’t any non-public grudge in opposition to you, you challenged me that i will by no means get Anurag, what changed into the want, see he is going to marry me, its all of your fault, I want to offer credit score to Prerna, she also challenged me, he turns into mine, his international will start and cease on me. Prerna thinks of Anurag’s words. She cries. Komolika comes for the marriage. She sees Anurag. They exchange garlands. Prerna thinks fake guarantees, fake love, why this faux ties while there may be no relation. Nivedita jokes and asks Anurag to fulfil rituals. Shivani worries for Prerna, seeing her palms bleeding. Prerna runs downstairs. each person smiles seeing the marriage rituals.

Precap:- Anurag and Komolika take wedding rounds. Prerna runs on the road. Pandit asks Anurag to fill sindoor in bride’s maang.


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