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KZK2 28 March episode Anupam announcing the dance performance. everybody dances on Aaj teri holi hai… Anurag gives a flying kiss to Komolika. Komolika thinks to watch for the proper second. She sees Prerna. Prerna receives dizzy. Veena and Shivani come home. Ronit follows them and catches Shivani. He says Anurag can’t prevent me, i can do anything with you, because i love you. He gets near her. She cries. Veena comes there and slaps him. Mishka asks Prerna are you first-class, just don’t sign. Komolika gets the papers. She goes to get the pen.

Nivedita asks Mishka now not to talk to Prerna and come along with her. They cross. Komolika receives the pen. Anurag thinks I know Prerna gained’t like to see me dancing, its an amazing way to make her hate me. He dances with Komolika. Balam pichkari….performs….

Prerna looks on. Mohini smiles. Anupam asks Nivedita for dance. Mishka thinks I m feeling happy that Anurag is with Komolika, how long will he maintain Komolika far from Prerna. Komolika dances and drops the papers. Nivedita picks the papers and checks. She is going to Mohini. Veena asks Ronit does he understand meaning of holi, its celebrated through actual coronary heart, he can’t attack Shivani. Ronit shouts. She scolds her. She says I received’t tolerate you, stay far from Shivani, we received’t allow you to do this. He asks her to shut up, I m son of Siddhant Chobey. She says i’m able to never will let you marry my daughter. He says I usually get what I want. She warns him and says you will land in prison if you meet Shivani again, you gained’t get bailed out this time. He goes. Mohini exams papers. Nivedita says i’m able to’t agree with this, Komolika had the papers. Mohini asks will we also cheat like Prerna cheated us. Komolika comes and says what’s wrong if we do the equal with Prerna, she cheated us. Mohini says this is inaccurate.
Komolika says I sense so humiliated, Veena slapped me, she didn’t express regret to me, she additionally humiliated you. Mohini says your anger is justified, this is not finished. Komolika says Prerna gained’t be Anurag’s spouse and we are able to throw her out, she is inebriated now, she could be ousted, that is the right time, I don’t need to waste my power and time. Nivedita says I suppose she is proper. Mohini says we could assume that Prerna will signal the papers, when she gets aware, she can drag us to court, media will ask us if Prerna is actually Anurag’s wife, i’m able to no longer tolerate this. Anurag goes to Prerna. She says don’t touch me. He says excellent. She says you are my husband, right, how are you going to dance with someone. He asks did you drink unique thandai. She says sorry, my fingers colour got in your garments, don’t contact me. He says I m helping you.

She says you have snatched my happiness, i have end up tons sturdy, i’m able to control myself, don’t fear. He thinks in which is she going. Mishka desires glad holi to him. He says please Mishka. She applies him tika. He says happy holi. She says just live with Prerna. He asks what do you imply. She says store Prerna from Komolika. He asks why. She says you already know why I m pronouncing this, save her, I should go. He thinks what’s Komolika going to do with Prerna.

Nivedita says I think Komolika is proper, we ought to take Prerna’s symptoms on criminal papers. Mohini says its now not proper. Komolika says I recognise you are easy hearted, I m taking this stand for this own family’s recognition, dad desired Anurag and my marriage to appear, Prerna is denying the entirety, first-rate i can do as you assert, however that is a golden possibility, the relaxation is up to you. Mohini says you are right, Prerna is gambling with our emotions and Moloy’s popularity, we shouldn’t stop from gambling a recreation with her, I m with you, do what you need to, simply throw Prerna out of this residence. Komolika nods and takes the papers. They search for Prerna. They see Anupam with someone. Mohini asks Nivedita to attention on her relation first. Komolika appears for Prerna.

Nivedita goes to Anupam and scolds him. She says you’re a married guy, you’re hugging another lady. The woman says I don’t mind. Anupam says shall we pass somewhere past her. Nivedita asks what. Anurag sees Prerna. He asks her to come with him and preserve his hand. She says I idea you will never allow me move, you’re very terrible. She gets disillusioned. He says I promised that i can always aid you, yes I m retaining the promise. She asks why are you doing this, tell me. He says i will tell you the whole thing, include me. She says no. He says i’m able to let you know. She asks why do you like Komolika extra than me.

Precap Upcoming Kasautii Zindagii Kay episode update: Anurag and Prerna play holi. He says you are unique, why. She says I m pregnant together with your toddler. He gets shocked.


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