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The Episode begins with medical caretaker seeing Moloy moving his hand. She races to call the specialist. Moloy reviews Komolika. Specialist checks Moloy and says it will require investment for him to recover totally, he is making a development in oblivious state, it implies his brain is cognizant, not his body, this may influence his heart, keep a watch on him. Komolika reviews Anurag’s words. She comes to him. He originates from shower. She says garments are kept here. Anurag gets a call from office. She supposes for what reason isn’t my appeal chipping away at her. She makes him wear the shirt and attempts to charm him. She says I m yours and you are mine, and still, at the end of the day we couldn’t join together. He escapes and says I m sorry,

I have a pixie meeting in office. She says you generally fled from me, you had covered up in washroom that day to make tracks in an opposite direction from me, at whatever point I endeavored to draw near, you fled. She reviews Anurag rationalizing and avoiding her. She says that is it Prerna, your time is finished, same thing will occur with you which occurred with Moloy, Anurag will see me when he doesn’t see Prerna.

Prerna welcomes Vikrant. He says I have an uplifting news for you, every one of the courses of action are done, contract is agreed upon. Anurag looks on and asks Anupam to see Prerna, how she is snickering, why, she doesn’t chuckle when she is with him. Anupam grins and says I became more acquainted with your shortcoming, you are envious. Prerna grins and asks would we be able to reveal to Anurag what we will do. Anurag asks what occurred. Prerna gives a magazine. She asks Anurag to see it. She says its our design magazine. Anurag says none will see this, our magazine first page is additionally the equivalent, you won’t almost certainly dispatch pictures before us, my magazine dispatch is close, right planning and chance is demon in business, I realize you don’t esteem time, you will be destroyed, reconsider. He leaves.

Vikrant says Anurag is correct. Prerna says Anurag is trying to say it, I realize him well, he won’t having any dispatch so soon. He says in the event that you are certain, at that point fine. He leaves. She supposes Anurag you can’t break my fearlessness. Anurag stops the vehicle. He says I m calling the magazine proofreader. He requests that the man change the spread page, change the style page and keep whatever else like games or news, change the theme. The man inquires as to why, everything is prepared. Anurag says our rival has improved style page, so I m requesting that you change it. The man concurs. Anupam says you befuddle me, you said that you are anxious about the possibility that that Prerna’s magazine will be demolished.

Anurag says truly, however you know Prerna, she won’t hear me out, she is obstinate, she will do what she needs, I can’t see her attempting, this is her first attempt against me, so I need her to win. Komolika calls a goon and asks would you like to acquire cash, you need to do my work. The man says I m Sanju’s sibling, he is underground a direct result of some mishap, you called, it implies there is some devil work, give me a possibility, I will do anything. She says I have a work for you, you need to murder somebody, tell the cost. He says I will give you an alternative, in the event that you need to keep adversary alive and demonstrate him dead for the world, it will likewise occur. She says I need Prerna dead. He requests that her come to carport with the development and with the individual’s pic. She says fine, discover where is Anju.

Moloy opens his eyes. He heard Sanju advising Komolika about his mishap. Mohini says I feel anxious, invest energy with me. Nivedita says obviously, I will be with you. Mohini asks will you go with me to medical clinic. Nivedita concurs. Prerna eats. Mohini will not have it. Prerna says you can’t have slick sustenance since you are a heart persistent. Komolika gets desserts and samosas for Mohini. Mohini says so sweet. Prerna says Mohini is a heart understanding, you don’t get her between our battle. Komolika says you have sustained halwa to Mohini and made her evil perhaps you included something in it. Mohini says enough. She gets specialist’s call.

Specialist says there is an uplifting news, Moloy is out of trance like state. Mohini asks would you be able to state once more. He says indeed, he got cognizant. She cries and expresses profound gratitude, I was sitting tight for this news, I m simply coming. She says Moloy got cognizant. Komolika gets stunned. Mohini embraces Nivedita. Prerna grins. Komolika reviews Moloy’s words. She acts and praises. Nivedita says Papa will return home, everybody will remain upbeat, gives up, we will get him home. Mohini says he will be upbeat knowing Komolika is our bahu. Komolika says yes. She supposes what to do now, Moloy will disclose to them reality.

Precap Upcoming Kasautii Zindagii Kay Episode Update: Prerna says you can confide in me, I need to meet him. Specialist says we got Anurag’s guidelines, he feels somebody plotted Moloy’s mishap. Komolika hears them.


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