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The Episode starts with Anurag taking Prerna with him. Komolika asks Mishka did she see Prerna. Mishka says yes, I had visible her, Anurag became strolling after her. They argue. Komolika says I didn’t seize Anurag from you, but Prerna. Mishka asks why do I experience you are nonetheless suffering to get him, Prerna has shaken you up. Komolika says I gained’t go away you, you may additionally go through, you are vain, i can deal with you later. Prerna asks Anurag don’t you want to celebrate holi with me. He says I swear, I just want to rejoice with you. She says you aren’t bad, you pretend to be terrible, you communicate such things to harm me, your eyes show your fact. He says take rest. She says I don’t have any one here, I want you to be with me, I didn’t shade absolutely everyone thankfully, can i smear coloration on you, please. He says of direction, I want most effective you to play with me. Nivedita is going after Anupam. He shuts the door. The girl says your wife is livid out of doors. Nivedita says i will cease our marriage if you don’t open the door. Mohini comes and says there are visitors at home.
Nivedita says Anupam is with a woman. Mohini says calm down. Nivedita shouts Anupam. She asks Mohini to call someone and open the door. The lady asks what did you observed, what is going to you do now. He thanks her for making Nivedita jealous. The woman says she is angry, sorry, I don’t suppose she loves you. He says Soumya, for Nivedita, she thinks husband is someone which makes her experience powerful, perhaps she sincerely falls for me, it takes place many things, when a person is effortlessly available, we don’t fee him. Soumya says don’t feel unhappy, the entirety will be nice. He says door latch will ruin. Prerna and Anurag observe crimson shade to every different. Dhadak hai na….performs…. They play holi. She throws coloration at him. She laughs. He catches her and applies shade to her. He receives dizzy and thinks even I had drank the equal thandai, so I m feeling atypical. Prerna says I recognise which you understand the entirety, am i able to celebrate holi. He says absolutely everyone can play holi. She says I m special case. He says inform me what is unique in you. She says I m pregnant along with your infant. Nivedita, Mohini break the door. They see Anupam hugging Soumya.

Nivedita drags Soumya out. Mohini stares at Anupam and is going. Anupam dances. Nivedita asks Soumya to get out. Soumya says you didn’t alternate, you are nevertheless the same. They argue. Soumya says you don’t deserve Anupam, you don’t love him and may’t preserve him satisfied, give him to me, i will love him and hold him satisfied. Nivedita says get out. Anupam symptoms Soumya. They smile. Soumya waves to him and goes. Anurag asks what did you assert, you’re pregnant, am I going to grow to be Papa. Prerna says yes. He says Prerna, wherein are you, i’m able to see 3 Prerna. She says I m Prerna Sharma Basu, however I m simply one. He makes her relaxation and says i will take care of you, our baby. She says infant may be very little nonetheless. He asks did you have got any nausea, tell me if you need to devour anything specific. She says no, i will tell you. He says I m with you and our child.

Komolika seems for Anurag and asks servant. Servant says Anurag took Prerna and went to their room. She issues. Mishka smiles. Komolika says why is Anurag doing this, what if they…. Mishka says they can lose senses and move their boundaries, you maybe feeling terrible, sorry, I take care of you, so I m telling the truth, you’re feeling the same ache of deceit. Komolika says you usually say nonsense, you are vain. She goes and says I gained’t go away all people, Anurag is playing a recreation with me. Prerna cries. Anurag asks what happened to you, is everything high-quality. He says stop crying, else infant will assume his mum cries plenty. She says great, I received’t cry.

Nivedita involves Anupam. She drinks some water. He says I recognize I made a mistake. She says its appropriate that you general your mistake. He says I m sorry that I added her to bedroom, I ought to have taken her some place else. She asks what’s wrong with you, we’re married, you may’t cheat me like this. He says no need for this melodrama, we don’t have a marital relation. She asks why am I sporting this sindoor and engagement ring, i can put off all of the embellishes, wipe off this sindoor. She asks why Anupam? Why did you try this, i’ve executed a lot for you. She hugs him. He thinks the truth is, our married existence begins these days. Anurag says our child will call me dad. Prerna says but no person accepts our marriage. He says I receive, you do. She says no person accepts. He says we’re married, did you forget about it. She says I want a proper wedding ceremony. He says we can get married. She says now. He says now, pleasant, calm down, don’t cry, we can marry now.

Precap Upcoming Kasautii Zindagii Kay episode update: Komolika asks Prerna to sign the papers, else human beings will not consider your marriage. Prerna signs and symptoms the papers.


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