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The Episode begins with Prerna considering Moloy. Mohini says I will proceed to change. She goes. Komolika says I will spruce up. Prerna compliments Nivedita. Nivedita says father will never need you as Anurag’s better half. Prerna says I called you to educate this. Veena says I will proceed to express gratitude toward Lord for this supernatural occurrence. Prerna says you can come to meet Moloy when he gets back home. Veena says beyond any doubt, if Rajesh was here, he would have been upbeat. Prerna says everybody is glad, I will call you

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 30 April 2019

Veena says everybody will be content with Moloy’s arrival. Komolika says Moloy is back, I had numerous odds to murder him, as Sanju executed Rajesh, how might I do this, no, Moloy needs amazing Rajesh. She quiets down. Mohini asks Nivedita to support her, does the saree look great, gems isn’t coordinating. Nivedita says you look great, father dependably prefers you. Mohini says I know, however I need him to feel that all is well, I didn’t separate. Nivedita makes her prepared and embraces. She says we will leave now.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 30 April 2019 Written Update

Komolika is headed. She considers Moloy. A man comes in front. She chides the biker. She says I need to slaughter Moloy before family comes to, Moloy needs beyond words. She calls the goon and requests his location. She leaves. Prerna is en route. She calls Anurag. He grins and supposes I cherish you Prerna. He answers the call. He asks how could you call. She says individuals, sentiments and heart is demon to me. He asks what is your heart saying, are you missing me. She says possibly you don’t have the foggiest idea, Moloy got cognizant. He asks what, my better half gave me first uplifting news after marriage, I mean you educated me and carried out a spouse’s responsibility. She says I would prefer not to turn into your better half, this was about Moloy, I realize you adore him like I cherish him. He expresses profound gratitude a ton.

Komolika says your sibling didn’t take the necessary steps well. The goon inquires as to for what reason did you call at that point. She says Sanju sent pic and said both the men kicked the bucket, however only one of them passed on, other one is in emergency clinic, Moloy is my dad in law, accompany me, we will think in transit, you need to murder Moloy and after that leave before anybody comes. The goon says I can’t do this worjk, specialists, patients and their families will be there. She says I can’t trust this, you need to do this, Sanju took cash from me, I will go to tell the police. He says I couldn’t care less for this. She requests that he comprehend, everything will be finished. She says I need your assistance. He won’t. She furiously slaps him and goes.

Veena expresses gratitude toward Lord. Shivani says its uplifting news, Prerna will get somebody to deal with her, you generally dealt with us. Prerna goes inside the medical clinic. Komolika sees her and says I ought to have not squandered my time, I need to do this, I must choose between limited options. Prerna says trust me, I need to meet Moloy, I won’t irritate him. Attendant says sorry. Prerna says I m like his girl. Medical attendant says quiet down, I will call the specialist. Specialist comes. Prerna says you know me, for what reason wouldn’t i be able to meet Moloy. He says its Anurag’s guidelines, he supposes Moloy’s mishap was somebody’s connivance. Komolika gets stunned. Anurag embraces Anupam and says father got cognizant. Anupam asks what are you saying, we ought to go to him. Prerna asks how, even father was with Moloy, unrealistic, for what reason will anybody do this. Komolika thinks indeed, I didn’t wish to slaughter Rajesh, however he came there with Moloy.

Prerna says you never given me a chance to meet Moloy, if it’s not too much trouble given me a chance to meet him. Specialist says he was in unconsciousness, presently he has cognizant, in the event that Anurag is correct, at that point his life is in peril, I can’t go for broke, I can’t allow anybody to meet him. Komolika thinks this specialist halted me as well, Anurag played this trap. Prerna says I reserve the privilege to know reality, what occurred. She cries. Specialist says accompany me. Komolika says what’s the specialist advising her. Anurag is headed with Anupam. He says I m cheerful, Prerna called me and gave this news. Anupam expels cotton plugs from ear and asks what are you saying. Anurag says I was letting you know and you didn’t hear. Anupam says you disclosed to me ordinarily. Anurag says Prerna called me, she said father got cognizant.

Anupam jokes and snickers. Mohini calls Anurag. She says your father got cognizant. Anurag says I know. She asks did Komolika call you, she knows her needs, she is immaculate, I adore that young lady. Anurag says I m upbeat. Tapur and Nivedita state we are likewise cheerful, where is Anupam. Anurag says he is with me. Specialist says Prerna I m not requested to tell this, perhaps Anurag needs to spare you from mental agony. She asks what did Anurag say, for what reason does he suspect as much, let me know. He says when Moloy was in extreme lethargies, he was treated by London expert, Anurag met me. FB demonstrates Anurag requesting that specialist have dependable individuals around Moloy. He says my men will likewise be here, the cop disclosed to me that this mishap was arranged, if Moloy gets cognizant, somebody may assault him once more. Specialist concurs. Anurag says even my relatives shouldn’t know this, I know its troublesome, ensure that none goes to Moloy, disclose to them anything that father is in unconsciousness and he may get a contamination, they will hear you out, police has confirmation this wasn’t a mishap. FB closes. Specialist says the offender will be gotten soon, Anurag acted savvy. Komolika gets stressed.

Precap Upcoming Kasautii Zindagii Kay Episode Update: Moloy says I will get rights for Prerna. Komolika says Anurag and I got hitched. He asks Prerna to call the family. Komolika gets Prerna’s neck and says I will murder her as I executed her father. Moloy slaps Komolika.


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