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The Episode begins with Anurag leaving for his office. Anupam sees him and calls Shivani. He asks them to return. He gets prepared. Mohini says you both appear very satisfied. Komolika says Prerna is going to go away in couple of days. Nivedita says why we could wait, whilst we are able to throw her out the same day. Komolika says I want her to undergo the equal torture, we will ought to torture her, I need her to live in fear. Prerna, Shivani and Anupam take hide of Sardars and come in. they say we’re earnings tax officers and introduce themselves. Prerna says I m happy Singh, i have come to make you unhappy, your property is raised. She remembers Anupam’s plan to raid the Basu residence. Shivani asks how can we get the papers, I don’t assume Moloy did any incorrect paintings. He says we 3 will raid the house, Komolika said papers are in locker, we can thieve the papers and go away.

Shivani says we haven’t any qualifications. He says we will move in cover and go together with self belief. facebook ends. Nivedita says maybe you obtain the wrong info. Anupam asks all the servants to pop out. Shivani shuts the door. Prerna offers the notice and asks Mohini to test. Nivedita says its now not possible. Prerna says in case you cover the papers, the raid will take place. Anupam says he manner about faux companies. Shivani says we simply want the papers. Ronit comes and says we are able to leave. Komolika says its a raid. He says I m leaving, I m now not from this own family. Anupam says stop him. Shivani goes to forestall Ronit. She recalls his cheap deeds. Ronit says I m now not from this family, you gained’t get any information from me. Shivani slaps him. Anupam thinks these sisters are getting rid of their revenge. Prerna stops Komolika and says we haven’t any non-public enmity. Shivani says it was a mosquito, I slapped by way of mistake. Ronit says i’ve imp paintings, allow me move. Anupam thinks Shivani will get angry if he remains here. He asks Ronit to simply leave. Ronit goes. He says no person will flow from right here.

Shivani says i used to be irritated on Ronit. Anupam says our awareness should be on papers, the next day we will come in goons’ disguise and beat Ronit, I promise. Prerna says we will start from Nivedita’s room. Nivedita asks how do you already know my room is that side. Komolika says I know they’re lying, Moloy has made this enterprise by using honesty and hardwork. Mohini says some thing is inaccurate, they took our cellphones, our landlines are nevertheless there, there may be nobody to hold an eye on us. Komolika says i will discover, i can test their govt. IDs. Nivedita asks Prerna once more.

Prerna says we have requested you about the room and also you seemed over there, its our tricks. Komolika says forestall, forgive me however I want to see your identification proofs. Nivedita says display us your identity cards. Mahesh receives the identification cards. He remembers hearing Veena praying for Prerna. He asks what occurred. She says nothing, have breakfast. He asks what’s the trouble. She says not anything. He asks why are you worried. She says Komolika tricked Prerna to signal the prison papers, Shivani and Anupam have long gone to Basu house as Sardar, love it officers to raid the residence, in order that they get the papers and destroy it.

He says true, did they make id. She says don’t recognize, Shivani said they’re going with confidence. He says its stupidity, if all and sundry is suspicious, they may ask for id, i can get their identity cards made, include me and supply me their photos. fb ends. He says I m Toto, their driving force. Anupam thinks how did he come. He says yes, he’s our driver. Prerna indicates the identity cards. Mahesh thinks its precise i found mum worried, and got this made. Komolika asks Anupam wherein is his identity. Mahesh thinks I didn’t had his photo. He says I forgot your identification, i will get it. Komolika says get his identity, something is abnormal, you didn’t disconnect landlines. Prerna says we did this intentionally, its because of Moloy, we are right here due to him. Anupam says take your phone, you are demanding us, we will no longer tolerate this, we have come to work. Komolika and Nivedita depart. Anupam says we are able to soon get papers and come. Mahesh says Bunty my pal has managed all this. Prerna scolds him. Anupam says nice human beings can’t do this work. Mahesh says you are my friend now.

Anurag is busy in convention He receives a name and disconnects. Mohini says I don’t apprehend what’s happening, how will we explain that we don’t have shell groups. Anurag disconnects the decision once more. He says I don’t need to repeat the error, go through the documents once. Komolika says Anurag isn’t answering my call. Nivedita says he ought to answer the call. She asks Mohini to loosen up. Komolika calls Chobey and talks to Dubey uncle. She asks for her dad. Dubey says Chobey is in assembly. She says ask dad to name me, its very urgent. He says fine, i can tell him. He thinks what had passed off there that Komolika is shouting. Anupam stops Prerna and says we need to go to Mohini’s room first, we will’t go to Komolika’s room now.

Mahesh says you mean papers are in Mohini’s room. Anupam says pay attention to me, I m announcing that we are able to’t enter Komolika’s room first, they’ll doubt us. Prerna says we will create a large number in Mohini’s room after which come here. Nivedita asks who advised you that we have shell businesses. Prerna says we are able to’t tell this. They go ahead. Shivani asks what’s on this p.c, Mohini is protected up with gold, i can steal the necklace. Prerna asks did you come to thieve this, prevent Shivani. Shivani receives the jewellery and says we are able to hide it in Komolika’s room after which ask her. Prerna says I think this belongs to Komolika. Shivani says its a nice idea, we will ask her how she got this pricey jewelry and ask her to get receipt, we will discover locker keys and get the papers. Prerna asks what if everyone catches us.

Precap: Komolika says forestall, come right here, what’s on this basket, are you stealing some thing or seeking to plant something in my room to accuse me later.


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