Kasautii Zindagii Kay 5th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Shivani telling Prerna that they received’t get caught. Prerna maintains the jewelry in the dustbin. Mohini issues. Komolika talks to Chobey on name. She says its pressing, there is a hassle, there may be a raid at home. He asks what, are you not at domestic, how are you calling. She says Moloy did some want on them, so that they have allow me make the call, so I referred to as you to take assist, please do something, assist me. He asks her not to fear. Komolika asks Mohini not to fear, dad will do some thing. She is going and forestalls Prerna. She asks what’s in this basket, are you planning to thieve something or plant some thing in my room to accuse me. Prerna says no, we need to check the gold and papers. Shivani says human beings can cover matters everywhere, we can tear the bedsheet and then the sofa, we recognize in which the papers are hidden. Prerna says prevent this nonsense, cross and sit there, we can just take matters that’s illegal. Komolika says something I very own is mine, I don’t cheat everybody to get something, you received’t get anything. satisfied says you fake wife. Komolika asks why did you are saying that, I heard it, you called me faux wife. Prerna says no, I didn’t. Komolika says no, I heard it.

Mahesh asks Anupam what’s he doing. Anupam says I had a combat with my wife the day gone by, so that is k, relax, I m no longer stealing some thing. He asks Nivedita is that this gold vase. She says its simply gold painted. He says this necklace seems expensive. She says yes, I don’t test charge earlier than shopping for. Mahesh says that pillow has golden paintings. Anupam says i’m able to take a look at. Mahesh says you’re crossing restriction. Anupam says I m her husband. Mahesh says that golden egg, take a look at it, stay away and be in man or woman, I got a phone call, I ought to cross and raid every other residence. He goes. Shivani asks why did you call Komolik as faux spouse. Prerna says she is faux wife. Komolika involves them and says you’ve got known as me faux wife. Shivani says you felt awful. Komolika asks her to keep quiet. She asks Prerna once more. Prerna says I were given a intestine feeling.

Shivani thinks they’re fighting, how do I prevent them. Anupam comes. Komolika says Prerna….. she has despatched you here, proper, I m positive, she is a liar. Anupam asks who Prerna, we have come to work, no longer communicate. Shivani says see such a lot of jewellery beneath the mattress. Komolika asks how did it come here, how is that a large deal. Anupam says give me receipt. Komolika says its gifts, dad has bought it for me. Anupam says call your dad and get it. Komolika goes. Anupam says she desires to irritate us. Prerna says wherein there’s a will, there may be a way. They search for keys. Komolika asks Mohini how can i am getting receipt for jewelry. Mohini says its not sensible to combat them, assume with a relaxed thoughts, we need to manage it. Dubey says i have spoke to IT commissioner, he’s asking for 10-15 mins. Chobey calls Komolika and says i’ve talked to the important government, they will forestall the raid soon. Komolika thanks him. She says the whole lot gets best. Chobey says I don’t need to peer my daughter in trouble, Dubey you must continually provide me the telephone whilst she calls. Dubey says sorry.

Prerna says prevent talking, allow me find the key. Anupam says i’m able to go out and keep an eye. Prerna finds the keys and gets satisfied. Nivedita asks manager to go to Anurag proper away and make her communicate to him. Anurag says I m in assembly. the person says sorry, its Nivedita on call. Nivedita and Komolika ask Anurag in which is he. He says sorry, i used to be busy in assembly. Komolika says there’s a raid in our residence, they stated we’ve got an illegal shell corporation. He says allow them to look for it, simply permit it be. She says sorry, i can’t tolerate it. He says don’t tell me, you took this in your ego. She says come domestic. Mohini says go away your work and are available home now. He concurs. Komolika says permit me maintain an eye on them, they may take highly-priced things. Prerna opens the cabinet. Anupam asks her to do the paintings speedy. He sees Komolika coming. Shivani goes to forestall Komolika and falls down the steps. She says Komolika attempted to kill me, i used to be getting proof in opposition to her, she driven me. She worries that Mohini can perceive her. She says its excellent, raid officials don’t shake arms, you could help me with a pitcher of haldi milk. Komolika calls out servant. Shivani asks Komolika to make the haldi milk for her. Mohini sends Komolika.

Anurag comes domestic and knocks. Nivedita says maybe Anurag has come. Nivedita opens the door. He says don’t fear, i will see. He runs upstairs. Prerna says this isn’t locker keys, I have to calm down and assume. She assessments and receives the keys. She gets the papers. Anurag comes. She drops the papers. He asks do you have got the hunt warrant. He shuts the cupboard. Prerna thinks he is also my enemy, he won’t allow me take the papers. He goes to her. He selections the papers. She takes it from him. He sees the thread in her neck and thinks that is Prerna, dressed as Sardar, she has the same thread in her neck which we each had exchanged in temple. He says do your process nicely, shall I ask you something, are you married. He says we aren’t right here to skip time, we don’t have time for private things. He says you are very lovable, even your paintings is interesting, my wife doesn’t get quiet, you’ve got close her mouth, I m so happy, I need to hug you. He hugs Prerna.

Precap: Chobey says the ones people came with incorrect intentions, its a faux raid. Anurag says your beard is out Prerna, you did this for papers. Prerna pushes him away.


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