Kasautii Zindagii Kay 6th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Maasi announcing Rishabh, you never get emotions, your eyes are dewy these days. Mr. Bajaj nods and says its about Kuki/Cookie, you know what I suggest, I m seeing her slumbering without worry, i’ve become emotional however I m happy. She blesses him. He says this marriage… He says your decision to marry Prerna is quality for Kuki. Prerna wakes up. Maasi involves her. She says get freshen up, i’m able to get breakfast geared up. Prerna hugs Kuki and smiles.

Rahil says Anurag Sir is coming. Anurag says you allied with Mr. Bajaj to break me, he promised you 20 percent income to you if he is taking over my organisation, I received’t let it manifest, you had personal reasons, person can exchange for money, i have a better idea, Mr. Bajaj promised you 20 percent earnings, I offer you 50 percent income if you help me ruin Mr. Bajaj, think about it, i have a overseas investor ready to assist for forty percent earnings. Anupam stops Nivedita. Anurag says you’ve got 15 seconds to decide. The investors say we are ready. Anurag says outstanding then I guarantee you, you gained’t regret, get the files geared up. He thinks Prerna you may come lower back to me.

Nivedita says I simply can’t agree with it, you had been just high-quality, you convinced them. Anupam says you were too excellent. Anurag says i can enter Mr. Bajaj’s personal lifestyles now. She asks now what. He says i’m able to eliminate the whole thing from him. He goes. the man says we will do the paintings by the following day. She asks what paintings. He asks don’t you understand it. She receives shocked seeing the papers. Anupam additionally receives greatly surprised.

Maasi asks Mr. Bajaj to have a sandwich. Kuki greets him. Maasi says she slept together with her new mum. Kuki nods. Tanvi asks who will consume this. Prerna comes. Maasi says Kuki wants her new mum to feed her. Prerna feeds Kuki. Mr. Bajaj smiles seeing them. Servant says Anurag has come to meet you urgently. Maasi asks who is Anurag, how can a person come without an appointment. Mr. Bajaj says i will inform you later. He goes to Anurag and says you have become very traumatic, your presence isn’t something that i really like, call me if you want to fulfill me, its now not right which you come here anytime. Prerna appears on. Anurag says you delivered my international to your property, what about that. Mr. Bajaj says just circulate on. Anurag asks Prerna did you listen that, he is asking me to transport on, shall i really like on.

Mr. Bajaj says you are talking to my spouse, i will’t tolerate this. Anurag says you married a person’s might be wife. Prerna stops Mr. Bajaj whilst he calls security. Anurag scolds the guards and says get again, I m the owner of this residence from day after today. He says Mr. Bajaj doesn’t like me coming here, this is my house now, p.c. your baggage and leave this region, this city and everything, depart what you suspect is yours. Mr. Bajaj says its not possible. Anurag says of direction, its viable, you in no way idea that a person can cheat you too, this house is in your organization property, your organization and this residence are mine, i’ve taken over, formalities are pending, paper work has began. Mr. Bajaj says don’t attack my house, I did everything for your organisation, now not your home, don’t make it personal. Anurag asks Prerna did you hear this.

He says you started this, you snatched my life. Mr. Bajaj says why I married Prerna, you gained’t be able to understand, this residence is of my Kuki. Anurag says enough of your excuses, that is my house now. Mr. Bajaj says you may be in massive hassle if you harm me in my view, i will ruin you, i can have to interrupt my dedication to Prerna in case you try this. Anurag says you destroyed me, you took away my international from me, my everything, its my turn now, that is my house, we could see who destroys whom, your organisation, this residence, the entirety is mine. He goes. Maasi and Tanvi look on.

Anurag is at the manner and thinks I comprehend it Prerna, you’ll come back to me, you are most effective mine. He recollects her words and says i would have not carried out this in case you informed me that you desired money. Prerna recollects Anurag’s phrases and Mr. Bajaj’s words. She says why did Anurag initiate Mr. Bajaj, I should forestall him, how. Anurag says when I met Mr. Bajaj, he appeared glad, calm, composed, he used to plan towards me, however he became surprising, its because of love, Prerna met him, got impressed and married him, now i’m able to grab the entirety from him. Anupam says no, Prerna went to satisfy him on my and Nivedita’s saying. Anurag says its ok, you sent her to talk, now not to marry, she told me that she married Mr. Bajaj for money, she will come returned to me for cash, i’m able to get her back. He receives Prerna’s name and smiles.

Precap: Mr. Bajaj says this is an eviction observe, we ought to vacate the residence. Mohini says Anurag bought Mr. Bajaj’s house. Prerna says please permit the ones human beings live there. Anurag says you’ll come again here in this residence.


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