Kasautii Zindagii Kay 7th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Anurag may consent to Prerna’s argues to return Mr Bajaj’s home. Be that as it may, he will request that her leave him consequently. Will she leave Mr Bajaj?

Anurag and a misfortune for Mr. Bajaj. Because of a glitch in his business choice, Anurag figured out how to get control over his manor. He headed toward Mr. Bajaj’s home and reported that from the following day, he will be the proprietor of the Bajaj house.

Mr. Bajaj is seen accepting an expulsion letter that requests that they leave the house right away. It is very shocking to see their stuff being hauled out of the house as Mr. Bajaj, Kuki, his auntie, and her little girl see the issue that they have ended up in. Mohini chooses to visit Veena educate her concerning what Anurag did. She goes to Veena’s home and reveals to her that Anurag has figured out how to kick

Mr. Bajaj and Prerna from their enormous house. What’s more, this is only the start of the repulsive things he intends to do to decimate Prerna and Mr. Bajaj. Veena is stunned yet doesn’t have the foggiest idea how to respond to it.

In another clasp, Prerna is seen visiting Anurag and arguing before him. She requests that he not commit such an error and return the house back to Mr. Bajaj. In any case, Anurag discloses to her that as a byproduct of the house, she should accomplish something. He discloses to Prerna that he will give the house back to Mr. Bajaj, if Prerna comes back to him. What will Prerna do in this circumstance? Will she leave Mr. Bajaj to spare him and Kuki? Or then again will Mr. Bajaj think of a circumstance?

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