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The Episode begins with Anurag embracing Prerna and supposing I needed you to be with me, yet this will just damage me, no Prerna, you need to leave from me. She says your whiskers has turned out Prerna. She gets stunned. He says you did this for these papers, Prerna. She pushes him on the floor. She says I realized that you are with Komolika, you need separate, however I won’t let this occur. She bolts him and runs. Komolika gets Chobey’s call. She asks where are you, I can’t endure these boneheads. He says hear me out, this assault is phony, I had got a call from IT dept, they revealed to me that they didn’t pass any such request, those individuals have burst into the house with some intention. She gets stunned.

Komolika considers Prerna and state they are in my room, the papers are in storage. Anurag thumps entryway. Prerna says we got the papers. Nivedita says we have no shell organization. Anupam says we are done and surges out. Komolika stops Prerna and Shivani, and says take your haldi milk, we need to realize what all you are taking with you. Anurag opens the entryway and turns out. He sees Prerna with Komolika. Komolika pulls Prerna’s phony whiskers. Mohini and Nivedita get stunned. Komolika asks Shivani to demonstrate her genuine face. Shivani expels her phony facial hair. Komolika says Prerna did this phony attack to take these papers, presently her diversion is finished. She takes the papers. Prerna says you tricked me to sign papers. Komolika says you incited me. Prerna says I didn’t do anything. Nivedita chides Prerna and Shivani. Prerna says I m not this current family’s bahu, however I m Anurag’s significant other. Komolika says its enough, I will demonstrate to you your genuine spot. Anurag yells stop it Komolika. He comes ground floor and stops Komolika. He says you heard what Nivedita stated, don’t tumble to her dimension, you keep up your pride, things won’t go as she needed, Prerna needs to inconvenience us, however we won’t get into her arrangements, she has lost, her arrangement has fizzled, as a result of my life Komolika. Prerna looks on. Anurag says come, gives up, enough of this dramatization. Prerna and Shivani leave.

Anupam says I sat tight for them and they didn’t come, I thought they got back home. Veena says I m stressed. He says I m terrified that Komolika got them, I trust this didn’t occur. Mahesh asks Veena not to stress. Komolika says I swear, I won’t leave Prerna. Anurag says unwind, hear me out, don’t abandon her, I don’t care for the weight on your guiltless face, Prerna is utilized to it, you are extraordinary, she doesn’t have a class. Komolika says she did terrible with me, I won’t extra her. He says unwind. He kneads her shoulders and requests that her quiet down. He says leave all the pressure and issues to me, you simply unwind, deal with your wellbeing and consider beneficial things, plan an excursion, continue grinning. She inquires as to for what reason do you generally guide me to save Prerna. He says when you quit pondering Prerna, you will consider me. She says so heartbroken, Prerna has ruined my state of mind. He says quiet down, we will discuss us. He supposes I wish I could choke you.

Prerna and Shivani return home. Prerna says we got captured. Anupam asks what. Mahesh says Komolika is crafty, she wasn’t trusting you, she is keen. Shivani says Komolika took papers from us. Prerna says our diligent work went futile, Komolika got us out and I ceased, I fizzled. Veena asks Prerna not to lose, its her choice, on the off chance that she needs to fall flat or make her fate.

Nivedita yells to Anupam. She says I haven’t seen him today. She calls Anupam. Shivani snickers. Anupam answers the call and says I came at my companion’s place. Nivedita says return home, I need to reveal to you something. He concurs. Shivani says quitter. He asks what’s so interesting. Prerna says I trust Nivedita doesn’t question on you. Anupam says I have some work, I will achieve home late. Prerna says I will be there before you. Mohini and Nivedita see Moloy’s pics. Mohini says I adore his grin. Nivedita says he will be back soon. Prerna comes. Nivedita insults. Mohini says I didn’t figure she will return, however she has returned. Nivedita says she has gone insane. Nivedita says she can’t listen what I m saying. Prerna says I thought you are conversing with one another and provoking not surprisingly, our connection is fine, you both are run of the mill, for what reason would I be embarrassed to go to my own home. She goes. Anurag looks on and grins.

A woman returns home and converses with Veena. She adulates Shivani’s looks. She says you didn’t educate me concerning Prerna’s marriage yet I will discover partnership for Shivani. Veena says I need to help my youngsters dependably. Shivani says mum is overseeing even father’s obligations, mum needs me to settle down as well. Anupam comes to Nivedita and says I went to Shekhar’s home. Nivedita says you realize what happened today, there was an attack at home, Anurag wasn’t replying, Komolika took her father’s assistance and discovered that strike was phony. He says possibly Navin did this. She says Prerna and Shivani did this, one Sardar seemed like you. She checks his face. He says you are harming me. She prods him. He runs and stimulates her. They chuckle. She escapes and says great night, you may rest on this bed today. He grins. Prerna inquires as to for what reason are you grinning. He says I was envisioning, on the off chance that you were extremely a Sardar. She says on the off chance that you come in my manner, I will show you a thing or two. He supposes you can handle everybody, even Komolika.

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Precap Upcoming Kasautii Zindagii Kay Episode Update: Prerna says I won’t abandon you so effectively, Komolika can never have my spot. Anurag says desirous… She says this is retribution for me. He asks what will you do.


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