Kasautii Zindagii Kay 8th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Anurag announcing i have everything now, what you wanted, don’t be with him. She asks what did I need. He says you desired money and energy, proper, i have it. She says please stop this eviction, Mr. Bajaj will pay for the residence, don’t play with their lives. He asks why did you get attached with them. She says I recognize you are doing this to train me a lesson. He says no, I m doing this for you, for us. She says you are sending officers to vacate their house. He says I warned them already.

She says you’re doing incorrect. He asks did you do right. Mohini, Nivedita and Tapur come. Mohini and Nivedita shout on Prerna. Anurag says I m speakme to her, she may be universal if she wants. Mohini argues. He says if I m imp to you, please listen to me. They cross. Anurag says sorry, mom were given irritated, what do you want, tell me. Prerna says I m begging you, allow them to stay there, Mr. Bajaj’s Maasi is of my mum’s age, Tanvi, Kuki…. this received’t have an effect on Mr. Bajaj, he isn’t connected to the house like them, don’t become this. He says excellent, you simply desired this, k, they may live in that circle of relatives, what I want, you may come here in this residence, okay? I want this, inform something, I m waiting.

She signs and symptoms no and says you honestly modified a lot Anurag, that is a whole lot disgusting. He asks did I change, you changed me, are you ready to make a sacrifice. She says I m no longer any toy, i have sacrificed myself as soon as, not now, I m connected to that residence so I got here right here. He asks this residence… She says this house changed into imp to me when i was with you, now I m married, I m Mr. Bajaj’s spouse now. Wo bewafa….performs…. He cries. She leaves. He thinks of Prerna.

Mohini says I made him part of this circle of relatives, the day she broke Anurag’s coronary heart, I broke down, I couldn’t see Anurag in hospital, he changed into saying he desires her back, I cursed that female and spot she is getting ruined, I m very happy. Anupam asks how are you going to be happy, you have become like Mr. Bajaj. Anurag asks does Mr. Bajaj has a coronary heart, he snatched everything from me, what incorrect am I doing, as a minimum i can get what I need. Nivedita says Anurag isn’t vintage one, he turned into in love. Anurag says I don’t need love, simply Prerna to expose my hatred, she is displaying loyalty for Mr. Bajaj, fine it’s going to happen what I need., Tapur says I m with Anurag, he is doing this to get her and take revenge. Nivedita says I need her back in this house, she has to return returned.

Prerna stops Tanvi and asks what came about. Tanvi says we can modify some how, how will Kuki adjust, she is so young. Maasi says I recognize you’re worried, it doesn’t suggest you misbehave with Prerna, she is also involved, apologize to her. Prerna says its okay. Maasi says Tanvi made a mistake. Tanvi says sorry and is going. Maasi says Tanvi is involved. Prerna says its ok, I didn’t experience bad. Maasi thank you her and is going.

Nivedita says Mr. Bajaj has come to meet you. He says excellent. She asks why are you doing this. He says he ruined me, that turned into his time and now its my time, Prerna rejected my provide, i can cope with her husband, because I want her lower back, I deserve this. Prerna says Tanvi is proper, its all taking place because of me, Anurag did this. Kuki comes and suggests a tshirt, with tag my dad is the most powerful. Prerna says I understand, your dad will make everything high-quality. She hugs Kuki.

Maasi consoles Tanvi. She asks do you watched Prerna is glad via this. Tanvi says no, what shall I do now. Prerna thinks in which is Mr. Bajaj and appears for him. She calls Mehra and asks did Mr. Bajaj come to workplace. He says no, he went to meet Anurag at his home. Prerna thinks I should forestall this meet. Mohini asks how dare you are available in my house, I desired to peer who’s this Mr. Bajaj, I idea you’re like my son, now I realize why Prerna left Anurag, only for money, its good we got rid of that greedy girl. He says you are announcing about my spouse, be careful. She says her magic labored on you furthermore mght. Anurag comes and says after I came to you, you behaved very rudely and gave me lecture, to inform earlier than coming.

He taunts Mr. Bajaj. He says this is my residence, you should inform me earlier than coming here, besides you would have now not were given time, let me bet, police could have come to make you out so you have come right here to invite me to prevent this, its okay to request, Prerna also did this and left, what occurred now, didn’t she inform you, she came right here and begged me, she requested me to forestall this, I didn’t are available her words. Mr. Bajaj asks when did Prerna come here. Prerna calls Mr. Bajaj. Tapur receives Moloy there. Mohini says that is Bajaj. Moloy gets taken aback. Mohini says he had snatched our happiness and nowadays he’s standing at our door for his happiness, he thinks he did wrong with us and we will do proper. Anurag says I don’t think there is whatever to mention, you could move and percent luggage. Mr. Bajaj says every person simply talks right here, does every person listen. Anurag says say if you have some thing new to mention. Mr. Bajaj says the one who taught me commercial enterprise, his commercial enterprise failed, people simply keep in mind a hit ones, failure is the best trainer, simply make assumptions is the primary sign of foolishness.


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