Kasautii Zindagii Kay 9th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Mr Bajaj and Prerna’s family move into Anurag’s home? Will he permit the equivalent?

Anurag sent an ousting notice, Prerna visited him to make him alter his perspective for the good of Kuki. Be that as it may, Anurag’s undaunted nature stunned her as he requested that she return back to him.

Mr Bajaj is seen dropping a bomb on Anurag’s head by expressing that he alongside Prerna and the remainder of his family will move the Basu house. What we comprehend by this move is that since Mr Bajaj still has the house papers of the Basu manor, he can control it to his utilization as and when required. Maybe Anurag’s transition to expel Mr Bajaj from his home may have honey bee exploded backward. Prerna is as of now stressed over the results of Anurag picking a bone with Mr Bajaj. What will she do when she gets some answers concerning them moving in with Anurag once more? Wouldn’t it be plain ungainly?

In another clasp, Prerna is really observed moving in. The shot shows Anurag remaining at the highest point of the stairs and tossing a bag down where Prerna is standing. The bag falls on Prerna’s leg while Anurag asks his home assistance to fix a space for Prerna and Mr Bajaj. Will he show worry for harming Prerna’s leg? Or on the other hand will Mr Bajaj swoop in and help her out? By what method will Nivi and Mohini take this news? It sure will be very clumsy and poisonous as there will be a consistent war of words in the house. Stay Tuned With Tellyupdates.Me


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