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Mishka coming to Anurag. She asks approximately Prerna. He says I desired to tell you approximately this and i have messaged you yesterday night. She asks how did you cheat me. He says I didn’t recognise that I m in love with Prerna, I ought to have hidden this, but I had to tell you approximately this, what we’ve among us isn’t love. She says i really like you and holds him to kiss. He receives away and says you observed this is love, coming close is straightforward, but making place in someone’s lifestyles is very tough, i have found out this. He explains her what love manner. She asks him to close up. She gets angry on him. He says you’re involved of society, you didn’t explicit your feelings, this is not love. She says you performed with my emotions. She cries. He says I m clearly sorry. She says i’m able to never forgive you for this, I just hate you, I don’t want to peer you and that middle magnificence woman Prerna. He says don’t say a phrase towards Prerna, I think you have to leave. She is going and says recollect one factor Anurag, i’m able to move, you received’t be capable of turn out to be of Prerna.

Anurag says i’ve cleared the problem with Mishka. Prerna calls him. She says I m sorry, I couldn’t stop myself and known as you. He says its k, Mishka is long past, I advised her. She says she could be feeling terrible. He says she is worried for the society, its clean that she never cherished me, she isn’t geared up to apprehend this, I just love you, I m going to talk to mum now, no one will come among us, not anyone’s one sided love. Komolika involves Mishka’s room and sees her engagement ring. She says you will be in my finger now. Mishka comes. Komolika asks why did you take away your engagement ring. Mishka says please don’t try this drama. Komolika asks did your engagement broke. She hugs Mishka and smiles fortunately. Mishka says please prevent this drama, you didn’t care for my relation, Anurag advised me that he won’t marry me due to the fact he loves Prerna, I felt horrific, I had a lot anger and vent out on Anurag.

Komolika says so sorry, I didn’t recognize this, now you’re forcing me to tell you, I m inquisitive about Anurag, I want to get him, I m glad Prerna is motive of your breakup, you can’t blame me now. Mishka says you observed you could get him, he is Anurag Basu, you may just dream, you received’t get Anurag ever. Komolika says don’t mission me, i will get Anurag. Mishka goes. Komolika says now its Prerna’s flip to leave from his lifestyles. Prerna asks Shivani to hurry up. Shivani says i’ve made herbal halwa for Mohini, simply deliver this to her. Shivani says I won’t pass. She asks Prerna not to depart this chance and go to her Sasural. Suman appears on. Anurag comes to Mohini. He tries to speak to her. He says Mishka and i have this bonding missing among us. Mohini recollects Nivedita’s words. She thinks Anurag is so harmless, Prerna isn’t, I gained’t permit him make a massive mistake, Mishka doesn’t have the charm like her sister Komolika. He says you have to realize wherein my happiness lies. Moloy and physician comes. physician asks Anurag to get a few drugs. Anurag goes.

Prerna comes domestic. She is going to serve the natural halwa to Mohini. Komolika sees this and thinks Mishka, if I do what I m wondering, Anurag and this house may be mine. She asks servant did Prerna come. Servant says sure. Moloy calls out Anurag. Komolika thinks I won’t pass over this golden chance. Shekhar comes home from office and asks Suman to offer him tea. Suman gets rude to him. She complains about his sisters. Shekhar asks her to stop it. Veena hears them and scolds Suman. She asks them to call Suman’s mum, she will communicate to her right away. Komolika asks Prerna to give her a glass of water. Prerna receives water. Komolika says Anurag turned into asking approximately you, I think its urgent. Prerna is going to peer. Komolika says i have examine this someplace about horrific signs of coronary heart disorder. She provides a few tablets in the halwa.

Prerna meets Anurag. He says i can speak to mum today itself. Nivedita asks what are you two speakme. Prerna says Veena has despatched a few natural remedy for Mohini, i will just get it from kitchen. Komolika says sorry Mohini, its necessary to make Prerna out of Anurag’s existence, the whole thing is truthful in love and warfare. Prerna comes there and takes the bowl. Moloy asks Mohini to eat the herbal halwa. Mohini refuses. Anurag and Prerna ask her to have some of it, she can get robust. Komolika looks on. Anurag says just consume it for my sake. Mohini eats it. Anurag asks her to finish it. He goes signing Prerna. Komolika receives indignant and thinks he could be hurt knowing Prerna has attempted to kill his mum.

Mohini asks Komolika to are available. Komolika says doctors say crowd shouldn’t be round affected person, there need to be area always. Mohini says so candy. Mohini says i have eaten it. Prerna goes to get water. Inspector scolds Navin. Navin catches his neck to suffocate. Policemen forestall Navin. Navin says Prerna is just mine. Prerna says I think we should inform Mohini approximately us. Mohini feels unwell. absolutely everyone rushes to her and get concerned. Anupam gets physician. physician treats Mohini. health practitioner says her heartbeat is growing up, what passed off when I left, did you provide her something to consume. Komolika says she just had halwa.

Veena waits for Suman’s mother and father. Rajesh comes home and asks the matter. Veena says i was waiting to talk to Suman’s mum. Rajesh calms her down. Veena and Shekhar said what Suman advised approximately Prerna. Rajesh says its excellent, don’t fear, Shekhar call Suman’s mum and tell her that everything is quality. He asks Suman to go and do her work. doctor says the problem passed off due to halwa, so her heartbeat got excessive, you ought to cope with her. He suggests angioplasty to clear the coronary heart arteries blockage. Anurag asks whilst did this happen, did dad know this. health practitioner says Moloy requested me not to tell this to you all. Moloy says I didn’t want you all to take tension. medical doctor says cope with Mohini, don’t supply her anything like foolish home remedies, she would have were given a heart assault. Komolika says you imply she should have died due to this halwa. medical doctor says yes take care of her. Nivedita sees Prerna.

Suman scolds Shekhar again. They get arguing. She says each your sisters are characterless. He warns her and is going. She cries. Nivedita scolds Prerna. Moloy attempts to stop her. Nivedita says you desired to reveal how a good deal you care, if whatever took place to mum, i would have made your lifestyles hell. Anurag stops her. Nivedita says I in reality had it sufficient, don’t supply her sympathy, you preserve your suitable photo in office, no longer at home, mum loves you a lot, Prerna doesn’t care. Anurag says loosen up, Prerna didn’t realize, she did this with proper intentions. Nivedita asks Prerna not to speak in among them. Mohini says relax Nivedita. She says we’re constantly in hassle because of Prerna, I request you received’t get something right here from your house. Moloy asks her to take relaxation.

Komolika says I also thought its a heart trouble. Anupam says your advice and challenge isn’t wished. Anurag says dad didn’t tell us approximately mum’s illness, Prerna prepared home treatments with desirable intentions, mum additionally does this. Mohini says I don’t agree with this, you can be so unfair. He says no. Nivedita says earlier than this own family breaks, go away Basu house, Prerna simply leave. Prerna is going. Moloy and Anurag ask her to attend. Anupam says you shouldn’t communicate to Prerna like this. Mohini says you shouldn’t communicate to my daughter like this, Prerna is an outsider. Moloy asks Anurag to go and notice Prerna. Anurag is going. Komolika smiles and thinks its clear, anyone is my puppets.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 9th February 2019 Written Update Precap: Anurag pacifies Prerna. Komolika sees them. Mohini asks Komolika what does she experience for Anurag. Komolika smiles. Mohini gets satisfied. Moloy looks on harassed.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 9th February 2019 Written Episode Update

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