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Anurag vows to discover Mr Bajaj’s shortcoming; what would it be able to be

In the upcoming episode of Kasautii Zindagii Kay, Anurag vows to discover Mr Bajaj’s shortcoming and begin his strategy. What could be Mr Bajaj’s shortcoming?

The past episode was truly direct. Ronit attempted to hurt Prerna before Anurag and Mr Bajaj. Be that as it may, Mr Bajaj hit him on the back of his neck and got him oblivious. Ronit was captured and Mr Bajaj asked Anurag to proceed onward. Nivi even misled Anurag by saying that Prerna has left for Kolkata with Mr Bajaj.

Anurag is seen returning back to Kolkata with one thing at the forefront of his thoughts. All things considered, as far back as Mr Bajaj grabbed Prerna from him, he has been fixating on her. He can’t or rather won’t get over Prerna. In any event not till he crushes Mr Bajaj and makes Prerna’s his. Essentially, we will see an invert of what happened when the Anurag – Komolika – Prerna love triangle occurred. Anyway, in the promotion, Mr Bajaj and Prerna are seeing going for their paragliding. As Mr Bajaj provoked her to hazard for affection. she paid attention to it rather and chose to go for the paragliding.

In another clasp, Anurag returns back to Kolkata and meets his mom. Mohini smells liquor on him and marvels on the off chance that he has begun drinking. Be that as it may, Anurag discredits the cases and chooses to concentrate all his vitality on discovering Mr Bajaj’s shortcoming. What could be Mr Bajaj’s shortcoming? He has been entirely fastidious and cautious about what he tells individuals and how little everyone thinks about him. So in what capacity will Anurag make sense of the most helpless side of Mr Bajaj? In the mean time, will the relationship of Mr Bajaj and Prerna improve with time? Stay tuned with Tellyupdates.Me

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