Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor break up: Katrina Kaif bids breakup from Ranbir Kapoor;

Katrina Kaif told how she collected the broken pieces of her broken heart twice. First time with Salman Khan and second time with Ranbir Kapoor. Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor have been separated for two years and they had not talked about their breakup till now. Everyone knows about Katrina Kaif’s personal life. His romantic relationship with Salman Khan and Ranbir Kapoor is still in the news. It is not hidden from all of us that he has collected the scattered pieces of his broken heart twice.

Katrina Kaif has revealed her heart in an interview with Elle India, where she has spoken about her work, personal life etc. She has said, ‘Right now I would say that my life is 80% work and 20% personal. Focused but it is not under our control. Now a lot of work is being done. I take it as a good thing. When my personal life was over, it was not under my control. ‘

Katrina adds, ‘It is difficult to know why things actually happened. But I have a different view on this. Okay – this [break-up] is useless, it’s terrible, it’s the worst thing in the world, my life was as if it were over. It is not possible to believe in it even for just two minutes, but if you truly believe in your God, your universe, you will feel great. I should say this because there are some young girls who are probably listening to me. They may find something that helps them. She can look at a person and think oh, she is not struggling like I am doing. You know that everyone struggles. The most important thing is to learn. We are all trying to work and achieve despite our fears and insecurities. You don’t wake up one day and discover that it’s all done. You have to go ahead with it. ‘

Katrina and Ranbir Kapoor had a breakup during the shooting of Jagga Jasoos, the reason for which is still unknown. Ranbir is currently dating Alia Bhatt. Katrina on the other hand is dating Vicky Kaushal. Katrina will next be seen in Rohit Shetty’s film Suryavanshi, which also stars Akshay Kumar in the lead role.


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