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Manoj calls Bhairavi and discloses to her that he isn’t coming to Balraj and Malini’s commemoration as he is leaving the nation. He says no one trusted Rishi that he didn’t murder Ashu and educates that his passing association is regarding 17 years back. She asks him for what reason is he burrowing the past. He says don’t disclose to me that I didn’t cause you to get it. He packs his sacks, simply then a substantial breeze comes in his home and the entryway gets bolted. A major box falls on his legs from the almari and he tumbles down. Kapil comes there and says you are as yet alive. He asks woman apparition to deal with and advises that he is going to emergency clinic to get Malini home, in the event that she opens her mouth, at that point he needs to execute her. Sandhya goes to her home and discovers Pratibha contending with rickshaw proprietor who advises that she needs to give him 2000 Rs as he took her to Devlali. She says she turned out poorly so won’t pay him. Usha says I will give. Angad/Kapil brings Malini home and thinks where is Sandhya. Balraj asks Malini to come inside and says we will live the minutes when I have brought you 35 years back. Angad/Kapil gets some information about Sandhya. Bua insults him. Phupha ji says she may come. Angad gets some information about Sandhya. Dev says I didn’t have even an inkling and reasons himself.

Sandhya reveals to her family that Angad is controlled by Kapil. Usha says they asked Pratibha to go, yet she don’t recall that anything. Sandhya says that she will go to Devlali and meet Pandit ji. Usha says it isn’t sheltered. Vinayak calls them and requests to turn out. They (Usha, Dadi and Pratibha) see Angad playing with Sandhya’s more youthful sibling. They inquire as to whether he is fine? Angad says where is Sandhya, there is Angad. Usha says they need to go to shopping so’s the reason called Sandhya. Angad/Kapil says he will likewise come as he needs to take present for mother and father. Sandhya comes there and brings Prasad laddoo. She says I was doing Prasad and requests that he take. She offers him Prasad. He takes a gander at her and requests that her eat it from his offer. He says I have kept quick for mother and father’s commemoration. Sandhya requests that he drink Gangajal atleast and says your quick won’t break with this. He stands up and after that places gangajal in her mouth. He says you are pavitra so I am pavitra/Karthik says so sentimental. Suman says you cherish di to such an extent. Kapil/Angad says I cherish her so much, don’t have the foggiest idea on the off chance that she adores me or not. Sandhya says I cherish my significant other a great deal, love my Angad. He grins disappears. He says gives up to shopping. Keychain tumbles down from her saree and she is stunned.

Manoj is in the clinic and gets up from bed. Bhairavi requests that he plunk down and tells that you are daydreaming. Manu says they are back. He says Sandhya and Angad got hitched thus much occurred. She says no one accepts on such things in this century. Manoj says I accept. Sprightly phupha ji comes there and asks what was the deal?

Bharavi says why we will lie? She goes with Jolly. Manoj sees woman phantom’s appearance in the mirror and thinks whether I am daydreaming and going distraught. Usha comes to Pratibha and cries, says Sandhya got the confirmation. Vinayak asks what is happening between the women. He asks Usha to tell. Usha embraces him and cries severely. Usha says Angad isn’t Angad, however he is in Vashikaran. She says they have returned and cries. Vinayak asks who? Malini reviews phantom having her. Angad/kapil comes there and inquires as to whether she is fine or her different organs are not working like her tongue. She is frightened to see Kapil in Angad. Sandhya comes there and inquires as to whether she is fine? Angad sends her to get water. He pushes Malini and says I ought to have killed you that day and completed an error by letting you alive. He says in the event that you tell anybody by marking, at that point I will murder you. Sandhya is bringing water and is en route. Kapil asks do you need me to execute your significant other and kids. He hears somebody coming and claims to rub her head. Malini sees him terrified. Kapil/angad gets some information about family and says that god this time nothing genuine occurred. Sandhya requests that he go and says she will deal with mummy ji. He supposes it is 3 pm soon and leaves room. Sandhya embraces Malini and reveals to her that she comprehends what she knows and enlightens that you told regarding Kashti woman and says she will free Angad from the phantom belonging. Sandhya turns out and gets some information about Angad. She sees Angad going to live with trouble and thinks what befell him. He goes to room and yells as he leaves Angad’s body. Sandhya goes to the room and calls Angad. She sees him adjacent to the bed and having fever. She says you was fine at some point back. Angad embraces her and cries. Sandhya acknowledges he is her Angad. Khamoshiyan plays… .Kapil shows up infront of Angad and sign him not to tell else he is no more. She asks would you say you are fine?

Dadi meets Panditji’s shishya. He gives her a book and says Maha Pandit ji requested that I give this book to Sandhya on the off chance that anything transpires. Dadi opens the book and checks. Pandit ji’s shishya tells that just Sandhya will almost certainly observe the substance and read it. She says it has answer for dispose of phantom. Sandhya converses with Angad in Marathi. He says I don’t know Marathi. Sandhya checks him in the mirror and says I realize you was controlled by Kapil. He says what drivel and pushes her. He gets worried for her. He requests that her go. She says I won’t disregard you. Angad says I would prefer not to see your face and is tired of you. She embraces him and says don’t cause me to leave from you. He pushes her and requests that her go.

He causes her to go out and shuts the entryway. Sandhya says you are doing this as a result of me so I will end myself and every one of your issues will be tackled. Angad asks her not to do this. She says you have overlooked that you got hitched to me, yet not supporting me. She says on the off chance that I go a long way from you, at that point will cry and offer agony to everybody, so it is smarter to give them torment on the double. She pours lamp oil around her and lights match stick. Angad is strained in the room.

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Precap: Sandhya asks Angad not to stress as everybody is wearing rudraksha. Dadi gives abhimantrik mantra book to Sandhya. Rishi goes to the gathering and shoots at Angad, however Sandhya takes the slug on her shoulder. Angad is stunned.


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