Kavach 2 Mahashivratri 11th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Angad says I concur with you. Sandhya says I will take him home, I won’t leave him notwithstanding for a second. Counseller says we can’t handover him at the present time, will do a few tests and after that choose. Karthik says your and kid’s blood tests will be done and you can get his care once it matches. Angad requests that her tune in to Doctor. Aastha reveals to Kartik that she needs to meet Varun Dhawan. Angad calls everybody at Sandhya’s dad house. He says I need to converse with all of you about that kid. Usha says it is the consequence of Sandhya’s petitions. Malini says we don’t have the foggiest idea on the off chance that he is our Prem or not? Usha says he will be fine if remains with us. Balraj says we will bring him home. Angad says we will make the right decision for everybody. The kid is sitting under the bed. The gatekeeper comes there and requests that he have sustenance. The kid creeps and turns out, yet the man prods him and moves the nourishment plate. He says your name can be only one, jaanwar. The kid blows up and thunders at him. The guard acts severely with him. The kid goes to the doll and calls Maa. Sakshi comes there, holds his neck and winds it. She executes him.

Angad asks where is Sandhya? Malini says she didn’t come? Sandhya checks her sonography and blood test report and says we will get a few verifications. Angad says let everything will be demonstrated first. Sandhya says I gave him birth and realizes that he is my child. Angad requests that her comprehend that the kid isn’t typical and requests that her get it. Happy is tied in the room and yells. Kiran requests that Servant return home. He heads inside and gives him infusion. Angad says we as of now have such a significant number of issues, and you need to bring another issue. Sandhya says he is my child, I longed for him since 7 years and you are calling him issue. She says she will make the kid fine and will offer love to him which Sakshi needed to give. The counseller/specialist goes to the room and finds the gatekeeper Keshav’s dead body when the other guard calls her. She supposes he may have slipped and kicked the bucket. Sandhya comes there and don’t see the dead body. The other guard reproves Prem and asks who slaughtered Keshav. Prem says Maa. The guard requests that he state and chides him. Sandhya comes there and chastens the guardian. Prem holds her legs being apprehensive. She embraces him and he calls her Maa. Sandhya gives him chocolate.

Prem takes the chocolate and sees Sakshi. She gestures no. He keeps the chocolate and heads inside. He says no Maa, go. Sandhya goes to the specialist and whines to her about her staff conduct. She says she will converse with her staff. Sandhya says she saw dread all over. Specialist guarantees her that he will be fine and says there is uplifting news for you, your and kid’s DNA report is sure. Sandhya catches guard telling about the dead collection of Keshav in Prem’s room throughout the night. She goes to the specialist and stands up to her. She accuses her to startle her child and letting the dead body there throughout the night. She says she will take his child. Specialist says she needs Police authorization. Sandhya says she will bring the authorization. She sees Prem keeping his hand on the glass piece and goes. Angad calls Sandhya. Sandhya says she is going to Police station to get Prem home and requests that he come. Angad asks Shobha to deal with the gathering. Prem takes the chocolate and is going to eat. Sakshi comes there and says you need to call that lady as mother? She asks what she will do? He says saza..She rebuffs him. Guardian comes inside observing the dark smoke, yet couldn’t see anything.

Sandhya comes to Police station and asks Karthik to give her authorization to take Prem home. Karthik says he needs proofs. Sandhya demonstrates DNA report. Angad comes there. Sandhya discloses to him that Prem was with the dead body throughout the night when the gatekeeper kicked the bucket. She requests that he ask Karthik to give authorization. Angad discloses to her that he will consider something and of a spot where they can keep him. Sandhya says he was not with any human till now and says he will wind up typical when individuals are around her. Specialist attempts to treat Prem, however he nibbles her hand. Sandhya and Angad come there and see the kid gnawing Doctor. Sandhya asks Doctor who has beaten him. Specialist says he may be harmed himself. Sandhya requests that her tell who has fiercely beaten him. Specialist says she doesn’t have a clue. Karthik admonishes the Doctor and says this is legally off-base. Sandhya reveals to Angad that his condition will turn out to be all the more most noticeably terrible and they will take him home. Angad reveals to Doctor that even he feels that this spot isn’t sheltered and says they will take him home.

Sandhya goes to the kid and says she will take him home, where he will overlook all his torment. She inquires as to whether you will accompany me to our home. He asks ghar.

Balraj calls Aastha. Malini requests that he check the time. She says she is in school. He says he is as yet youthful and can cause great child and girl to sit on his back. Angad and Sandhya get back home. Sandhya grins and tells that they carried Prem with them. Balraj gets cheerful seeing him and says he was discussing him a little while ago. Prem chomps Balraj seriously. Malini asks from where did you bring this junglee? Sandhya says I will show him everything and says sorry. Balraj asks her not to be heartbroken. Prem slithers and go upstairs. Sandhya searches for him. Prem goes to Jolly’s room and draws close to his him. Dapper awakens and holds Prem’s leg, despite the fact that he is tied. Sandhya searches and calls him. She crashes into Kiran and asks did you see prem? Kiran says no and takes Ruhi with her. Prem attempts to go, however Jolly is holding his leg. Sakshi shows up there. Chipper gets stunned and yells. The chain breaks. Sakshi grins seeing Jolly shouting. Sandhya thinks if Prem went to his room. She goes there and sees Prem. Carefree sees Sakshi and says she has come? Angad says no one is there?

Precap: Malini reveals to Angad that the kid can’t remain here and says in the event that he harms Aastha. Aastha yells and gets damage on her temple. Malini gets stressed and says she can’t keep the inconvenience at home. Sandhya hears her. She inquires as to whether he don’t view Prem as his child. Angad says nothing is essential to him than Aastha. Sandhya embraces Prem.


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