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Sandhya takes Prem to Aastha’s room and says you have a little sister as well. She indicates him toy vehicle. Prem keeps his detestable toy and plays with the toy. He goes close to the mirror and gets terrified to see himself and plunks down. Sandhya makes him see his face and herself. Guardian checks Jolly and says his bone is broken. Angad says yesterday was not broken. Balraj requests that he complete his treated and says it is all karma phal, on the off chance that he was not distraught, at that point he would have been in prison. Sprightly says she came. Angad looks on and see. Malini requests that he come and converse with her. Sandhya takes Prem to restroom and asks him not to be apprehensive with water. She cleans his hand with body cleanser and water and says it has turned out to be spotless, presently how about we get perfect completely. Usha and others get back home. Usha asks where is Balraj. Malini discloses to Angad that Prem bit on Balraj’s hand when he attempted to adore him and says Sandhya overlooks everything seeing him, including Aastha. Angad says she sat tight for him since 7 years.

Sandhya makes Prem wears garments and brushes his hairs. She gives his doll to him. He contacts her face. Malini and Angad come there. Angad gets shocked seeing him. Malini discloses to Sandhya that Prem can never turn into your child. She says he is a creature and not human and he will destroy everybody. Sandhya gets agitated. Prem gets terrified and goes inside the bed. Usha comes to Sandhya and inquires as to why you are not giving me a chance to meet Prem. Sandhya tells that Prem is disturbed and carries on oddly now. She tells that he completed a couple of missteps, as a result of which all relatives are against him. She says in the event that he completes a slip-up, at that point they will toss him out. Usha helps to remember Pandit ji’s words and says it is your trial of nurturing love and asks her not to lose quality. She says Prem will acknowledge you soon. Aastha gets back home and gets some information about Prem. Ruhi attempts to stop her. She keeps running from her calling Prem. Angad reveals to Karthik that he is befuddled and stalled out. He tells that Sandhya has turned out to be visually impaired and tells that something isn’t right with this kid. He says in what capacity can a kid remain throughout the night with a dead body and don’t yell or make any stable. He says this kid isn’t typical and gets some information about criminals. Karthik says no. Angad says how might he make due since an infant for a long time. Karthik says even he questions. Angad says if the kid harms my Aastha.

Aastha goes to the room and sees Prem playing with vehicle and it is returning to him. She gets astounded and asks how are you playing and how it is returning to you. She presents herself as his younger sibling. Prem takes a gander at her. Aastha gives him blessing and requests that he open. He turns. Aastha says I will indicate you blessing and shows football. She says we will play and requests that he get. He tosses ball and it falls on her nose. She rubs her nose and tosses ball at Prem. Prem fails. He sees Sakshi coming there and requests that her go. Aastha supposes he is advising her and says I won’t go. Prem picks a water container and hits Aastha. Aastha runs out crying. Angad, Sandhya and others come there. Angad asks what was the deal? Aastha demonstrates the room. Sandhya says I will do your gauze. She takes her to room. She wraps her damage and goes to bring haldi milk. She supposes where is Angad? Malini tells that she had advised Angad not to let him here. She says she can’t take any more risks.

Angad goes to Prem’s room and inquires as to for what reason did he hurt Aastha and says she is a young lady. Prem sees Sakshi and gets frightened. Angad looks behind, however can’t see her. Sandhya takes him outside. She asks Angad for what good reason did he chide him and inquires as to whether he don’t view Prem as his child. Angad says no and says he is neither my child nor yours. Sandhya says he will be fine soon and converses with me now. He asks at what cost? He says no one is essential to him than Aastha and says on the off chance that she gets even a scratch, at that point he will send her to a distant emergency clinic. Aastha asks them not to battle. Angad takes Aastha and approaches Sandhya not to lose her for Prem.

Sakshi comes to Prem and asks would you like to remain here? Prem gestures his head. She says your bliss is my satisfaction, however that young lady isn’t your sister, that lady isn’t your mom and this house isn’t yours. She requests that he recollect this consistently.

Ruhi leaves room late in night to get water and hears children’s song. Sakshi is taking Prem in her grasp and sings bedtime song for him. She supposes Sandhya is singing melody. Prem dozes. Sakshi makes him rests on bed and covers him with cover. She says Sandhya, you have brought him home, however you can’t make him your child. She says on the off chance that you grab him from me, at that point you, your family and everything will be destroyed. Ruhi goes to the eating table and gets water. She discovers voice from kitchen and comes there. She sees Sandhya there and discloses to her that somebody was singing children’s song in Prem’s room and I thought it is you. Sandhya is shocked and rushes to room. She says there is no one here. Ruhi says might be my ears heard because of remaining burden. Sandhya requests that her proceed to rest. She switches off the lights and leaves Prem’s room.

A woman awakens from bed as she gets flashes of Kapil. Sakshi, Pratime and so on. She gets up from rest and makes Sandhya’s sketch. Her mom comes and asks what was the deal? Rekha says something awful will happen some place.

At Angad’s home, Sandhya asks Aastha to drink milk quick. Aastha tears papers from the book and provides for Sandhya. Sandhya asks her not to tear paper else it will turn out from opposite side. Aastha gives the rundown of presents which she needs and says she needs it for Prem, as no one praised his birthday till now. She says she will give all her toys to him. Sandhya inquires as to whether she isn’t annoyed with him. Aastha says no. Kiran and Arjun are taking Jolly for Xray when he pushes them and hurries to Prem’s room. He bolts the entryway and asks Prem to ask Sakshi to give him absolution. Prem gets frightened. Cheerful apologizes. Kiran advises everybody that Jolly went to Prem’s room. Everybody come running there. Sandhya and Angad request that Jolly open the entryway. Sandhya asks him not to do anything to Prem. Sakshi comes to room. Prem covers up in organizer. Sakshi pushes Jolly to the divider and after that on ground.

Sandhya asks Angad to accomplish something. Angad attempts to break the entryway. Sakshi takes a gander at the entryway and comes inside. They see Jolly lying on floor and arguing for pardoning. Sandhya scans for him and discovers him in the pantry. She says you are feeling cold and takes him in her lap. Prem attempts to push her, thinking about Sakshi’s words. Rekha is making rangoli and makes Prem and Sandhya’s sketch in Prem’s room. She says you need me and I will contact you.

Precap: Sakshi pushes Malini and she tumbles down from the stairs. Later Malini reveals to Angad that Sandhya pushed her. Angad says she is focused, yet can’t do this. Malini adheres to her words. Rekha is on street and supposes somebody will kick the bucket at 7:30 pm today around evening time and thinks to go there and stop the incident.


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