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Pratibha says she will go to her folks’ home for first conveyance. Karthik says no, and says her first conveyance will occur here. Ankit inquires as to why she can’t go to her home as indicated by the custom, she will be there for her first conveyance. Karthik says Prem and tells that we don’t have any acquaintance with him and something is there which is can’t seen. He requests that her go when he winds up ordinary. He says I need to go now.

Sandhya comes to Jolly and says I came to realize that you recollects all past and asks him to tell for what good reason Sakshi loathes her and considers me in charge of her family’s passing. She requests that he tell. Angad comes there and tells that he wound up rough in medical clinic and Doctor gave him a solid infusion. He says he will let you know, yet not currently. He tells that he isn’t against that kid and informs her regarding Aastha’s birthday party tomorrow. He says Aastha’s companions and their folks are coming tomorrow so ward off that kid from that point. Sandhya gestures her head. Aastha gets some information about the gathering. He says cheerful phupha ji is unwell and everybody is dozing, so we will host get-together. They go out. Everybody wishes her cheerful birthday. Angad requests that her cut the cake. Prem is watching her from far and stowing away. Aastha demands Prem will come there. Malini says Prem is unwell and that is the reason resting. She asks Sandhya. Sandhya gestures her head.

Prem is viewing from far. Sandhya takes a gander at Prem who is peeping there and returns to his room. He acts to blow on the birthday cake and cut the cake in his room. Sandhya brings cake baked good for him and lights the flame on it. She requests that he blow light and cut the cake. She causes him to eat the cake and inquires as to whether it is great. She discloses to him that his birthday is following 15 days and they will praise his birthday, will get him new garments and presents and furthermore joker. She asks did you see joker previously? She wears the top, puts something on her nose, holds the stick and goes about as a joker. Prem grins taking a gander at her, yet soon he gets frightened seeing Sakshi behind Sandhya. Sandhya thinks what befell him all of a sudden. Prem covers himself with cover and shrouds himself. Sandhya asks what befell you and requests that he leave cover. She supposes what did he see that he got terrified and conceal himself. She switches off the lights and goes from that point.

In Angad and Sandhya’s room, Aastha awakens in the night, takes a blessing and thinks to go to Prem’s room. She comes to Prem and requests that he wake up, says she brought present for him. All of a sudden the toy vehicle begins moving, she asks who is driving it and says supernatural occurrence… vehicle is driving individually. Sakshi comes there and asks Aastha not to stress, says I won’t hurt you. She requests that her see her face. Aastha says Mamma. Sakshi says she is Prem’s companion and requests that her become her companion. Aastha gestures her head. Sakshi asks her not to disclose to her mamma and says we will wind up mystery companions and in the event that you tell your Mamma, at that point she will arrive in numerous issues. Aastha says alright. Sakshi says Prem will love you all the more once he comes to think about our fellowship. Aastha says alright and goes. Sakshi thinks simply like she has lost her better half, child and family, presently Sandhya will love her family and girl.

Rekha at Krishnan house makes a sketch and sees what she has made, it indicates Jindal house, Mumbai with full location. She books ticket to Mumbai and thinks something incorrectly will happen today, I don’t have the foggiest idea what will happen tomorrow there, however something perilous and I will reach there before that.

Next morning, Sandhya gives two dresses to Aastha, one for puja and other for gathering. Aastha says she will make Prem meet her companions. Sandhya approaches her to prepare for puja. Malini comes to Angad and says I don’t need any issue to occur in puja and party and says Prem… Angad says Prem will be in his room.

Sandhya makes Aastha prepared for the puja. Aastha says Prem’s uncommon companion is with him. Sandhya asks whom? Sakshi comes and signs Aastha. Aastha says nothing. Sandhya is going. Aastha says sorry to learn. Sandhya hears and glimpses inside. She sees doll and thinks Aastha is conversing with doll. Sakshi asks Aastha to go to Prem’s room and says they will play a game. Aastha says Papa asked her not to go there. Sakshi says they will play the game. Pandit ji goes to Jindal’s home and understands the malevolent power in the spirit and advises the equivalent to everybody. He says there is no reason to worry after Shanti Puja. Aastha asks Sakshi what game they will play? Sakshi says they will fly in air. Aastha requests that what call you? Sakshi says same thing what Prem says, Maa. Aastha says Maa..even I need to fly in air.

Malini thinks to bring Aastha. Angad likewise accompanies her and looks for Aastha. Malini says Sandhya is in kitchen. Sakshi makes Aastha fly in air and makes her terrified. Prem gets frightened as well and asks her not to hurt Aastha. Angad and Ruhi make desserts in kitchen. Angad comes and gets some information about Aastha. Sandhya says she was in her room. Angad says he was not there. Malini says in the event that he went to Prem’s room. Sakshi alarms him and makes him look down the window. Angad and Malini come there and see Aastha fallen on floor. They think Prem hurt her. Angad asks Aastha for what good reason did she come here? Aastha says Maa asked her. Angad chastens Prem. Sandhya acts the hero. Angad discloses to him that Aastha was never terrified and requests that her fend off her child from his girl. Sandhya asks Prem, what occurred here? Prem is exceptionally terrified and goes under the bed.

Angad brings Aastha to lobby, yet she is as yet terrified, Balraj gets some information about Sandhya. Sandhya comes there and reveals to Angad that he ought to have reprimanded Prem. Angad inquires as to for what reason did you send Aastha to Prem’s room. Sandhya says she didn’t ask her. Pandit ji is doing havan and sees bugs in the puja stuff. He requests that they bring another fixings. Malini asks Kiran to bring. Kiran brings it. Angad keeps Aastha’s hand on it. Pandit ji begins the puja. Prem asks Sakshi not to hurt Aastha. Sakshi inquires as to for what reason are you feeling torment and says Aastha is nothing to you, I am your mom. Sakshi feels consuming sensation and asks Prem to spare her. Prem yells Maa. Everybody is sitting with their eyes shut. Prem comes there running and tosses water in the havan kund. Pandit ji chastens him for destroying the havan. Prem nibbles on Pandit ji’s hand and hurries to room. Pandit ji says this kid is jaanwar and says puja won’t occur here. Malini requests that he do puja. Pandit ji says where Pandit is offended, terrible thing occurs. Malini says I told that this kid will not remain here and he is an inconvenience. Sakshi ends up typical once more. Prem comes to room and shuts the entryway. Sakshi embraces him. Malini says I won’t leave him. Sandhya says please mummy ji.

She says I will make Prem frightened. Prem sits under the bed. Sandhya says I will cause him to get it. Malini says he is junglee and will be rebuffed. She removes Sandhya from room and bolts the entryway. She says this kid will be in the room. Prem requests that they open the entryway and thumps on the entryway. Sakshi says you will rebuff my child. Sandhya asks Malini not to bolt her. Malini says I couldn’t care less for him. Sandhya goes to take a gander at Prem’s entryway. Sakshi comes behind Malini and pushes her off the stairs. Sandhya sees Malini falling and moves down the stairs. She asks Malini to get up. Malini says first you pushed me and afterward attempting to enable me to get up.

Rekha is in the vehicle and makes sketch of Sakshi pushing Malini. She goes to Jindal’s home and advises the guardian that she came to converse with the proprietor, it is the matter of somebody’s live and demise. Guard calls Angad. Angad says she probably come to get philanthropy and requests that he send her out. Guard comes to Rekha and drives her down. She makes sketch and sees Sakshi behind her, gets terrified.

At Patwardhan’s home, Ankit asks Shobha to have something. Shobha says she isn’t in a state of mind. Ankit says I will play your main tune and plays guitar. Shobha cries and says she needs her Maa and Mayka. She says this is my conveyance and says she needs to go to her Mayka. Ankit says in the event that Karthik cannot, at that point he may have a reason. Shobha asks what do you think? Doctor checks Malini and discloses to Aastha that she is fine. Angad asks Aastha to proceed to play. Ruhi asks Aastha to accompany her. Balraj asks Malini how could she fall? Malini says Sandhya made her fall. Angad says there was a misconception? Malini says Sandhya was behind me, got annoyed with me and drove me down. Angad says Sandhya can’t do this. Malini says however a mother can do and requests that he kick the kid out. Sandhya hears them and gets stunned. She comes to sanctuary and cries before God. She says what to do, my family is against me. Angad comes there. She embraces him and says I realize you will consistently remain by you. Angad says you won’t hurt anybody, however the mother inside you. He says you used to go to office, handles home and family, yet since he came, you are doing numerous errors. Sandhya tells that Prem is now broken and not at slip-up. Angad says our connection can break as a result of him.

Precap: Aastha petitions God about her folks. Rekha goes into the house and asks Sandhya to spare her little girl else she will kick the bucket. Aastha is bolted some place, blacks out and tumbles down.


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