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Shobha is sitting tight for the taxi/taxi. At the point when Ankit comes and offers her lift. She says she is going to meet a companion and will go. He demands. She sits in his vehicle. He says you can’t lie appropriately. She says she is going to meet Rishi in Police station. Ankit says I will likewise come. Sandhya takes him to sanctuary and inquires as to whether he revealed to you something or provided any insight into recognize what they need from us. Angad says they need to murder numerous individuals, he slaughtered Ashutosh uncle with my hand, I don’t have the foggiest idea, he let me know and says he said that he will execute numerous individuals and have some objective. Sandhya inquires as to whether he advised whom they need to murder. He says no. Angad says they are incredible. Sandhya says truth will just win and says they are utilizing you for their main goal and says we both will make them rout together. She says we will battle till the end.

Shobha and Ankit go to the Police station. Ankit says I conversed with the Inspector and he will make you meet Rishi. Constable comes and says Rishi inquired as to whether she came to bail him. She gestures no. Constable says he would not meet you and told that he detests you. Shobha cries. In the vehicle, Shobha cries and reprimands herself for Rishi’s condition. Ankit says how might he cherish you when he mishandled you and your family. She says those you cherish doesn’t mishandle you, however care for you and is worried for you. He says I am not saying this as I like you. She requests that he drop her in the jewllery store. Angad reveals to Sandhya that only 5 mins left, he needs to meet Mom and state her sorry. Malini goes to the inhouse sanctuary. Angad embraces her and says sorry. He says I can’t successfully secure you. Malini attempts to state something. Sandhya peruses her lips and lets him know. Angad tells that on the off chance that he don’t pass by 6 pm, at that point don’t have the foggiest idea what Kapil will do. He leaves her hand and goes to room. Kapil is coming there, light gleams and the things get shaken up. It is 6 pm.

Kapil shows up infront of him and says so you came. Angad says so you went ahead time. Kapil says you told your significant other everything. He says I let you know not to say anything, yet you didn’t concur. What do you feel that I know nothing. He says when you have done misstep at that point will be rebuffed. Angad asks him not to do anything with his family or Sandhya. He attempts to enter him, yet can’t enter him. He asks what did you do? Angad says I didn’t do anything. Kapil says in the event that you didn’t do anything, at that point for what reason wouldn’t i be able to enter your body. Sandhya discloses to Angad that as she revealed to him that God will support them. She takes out the sacred string with rudraksha mala from his pocket. She says Aaji offered it to her. A fb is appeared. Sandhya says I kept it in your pocket when you was in the sanctuary. She makes him wear it. She asks Kapil where is he and says you have crushed from a spouse and says even Shiv ji help us. Kapil says you can’t see me then how you will battle with me. Sandhya demonstrates her keychain which Malini provided for her and says this keychain and the sindoor is my weapon and will demonstrate your face. She sees him in the keychain reflect. Kapil solicits her not to feel glad from herself and tells that he will make her better half toss it and welcome him. He requests that her figure what he will do with their family. Phupha attaches the rudraksha string to everybody and tells that it will secure us. Sandhya tells that all her relatives are wearing rudraksha mala and asks Kapil and his better half to go. Kapil says where we come once, follow taking lives. He says you will cry blood tears as a result of your dramatization. He goes. Sandhya says now we can live calmly. Angad says Kapil is went, presently this story closes. Sandhya embraces him and cries.

In Kapil’s home, child crying sound is heard. Kapil comes there and reviews Sandhya’s words. He makes the things fly and fall noticeable all around. He at that point consumes the house. His significant other comes there and requests that he quiet down. Kapil says she has tested me and didn’t release me inside Angad’s body. He says I sit tight for this minute since numerous years, she can’t vanquish me. I will make Angad vulnerable that he will welcome me in his body. Angad thinks Pret aatma don’t go so effectively and solicits what is the association from Kapil with Ashu uncle. He requests that her reexamine and says might be Shiv ji sign you something. Sandhya says I have an inclination that I have seen Kapil’s photograph some place. He asks where? Sandhya says I feel that I saw his photograph here. Angad says no one know him. Sandhya requests that he leave this issue and says they will make the gathering courses of action. She requests that he rescue Rishi. Angad says he won’t let any honest person rebuffed. She feels retching sensation and goes to washroom. She retches. He says we will go to specialist. She says she is fine and tells that they will go tomorrow. Infant’s hand is appeared from inside her stomach.

Shobha is in her room. Her folks come there. her dad approaches her not to weep for Rishi and says those you cherish, care, ensure and regard. Ankit prepares and asks Akhil to prepare. Akhil is strained. Suman comes and prods Ankit. Ankit says they need to proceed to support Sandy. Suman inquires as to whether somebody extraordinary is coming there. Ankit says no one. Pratima tells usha that Pandit ji’s shishya gave some sacred book to Aaji and she will carry it to the gathering to offer it to Sandhya. Akhil reveals to Ankit that he would prefer not to go anyplace. Usha and Pratima inquire as to for what reason is he yelling. Akhil says I won’t go. Vinayak inquires as to why you would prefer not to go. Akhil says since the marriage occurred, something is going on. They tell Angad is so great and thinks about Sandhya to such an extent. Akhil saw Angad leaving Ashu’s office. He turns out and sees the pendrive. He considers somebody and advises that he needs to meet him. Manoj closes the call and thinks why he needs to meet me.

In the gathering, Angad reveals to her folks that he deceived them ordinarily and apologize to them. He says I hurt all of you life and even at this point. He says I won’t let you have any agony. His dad says you are stating as though something will transpire. Angad says I won’t let anything transpire all. Phuphu ji asks him not to be passionate and says they will move. Sandhya sings melody aisa kyun hota hai… .maine ishq tere le duba..and hits the dance floor with Angad. They all applaud. Balraj, Malini and others move. Sandhya asks Angad not to stress and says everybody is wearing Rudraksha. She supposes even I am concerned, Kapil may design something. Kapil tells his significant other that their joy is brief and they will find the opportunity soon. She says Sandhya tested pret aatma and the dread is going to come. He says move, yet I will make you move truly.

Precap: Rishi comes and shoots at Angad due to Kapil. Sandhya comes inbetween and gets shot. Angad takes her to medical clinic. Kapil requests that he expel the rudraksha mala to spare Sandhya.


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